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Protect Your Woodwork From Termite Through DURO Unique Guarantee Program


At Duroply Industries Limited, we take pride in offering products guaranteed to perform against all insect attacks. Our commitment to quality includes treating all our products to be Termite and Borer Resistant. However, in the highly unlikely event of any deterioration caused by insect infestation, we are here to address your concerns. Rest assured, we stand behind our guarantee and will take appropriate measures to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. Your trust and confidence in our products are paramount to us.

Duro Guarantee Ensured

Protection from Insect Infestation
Unique Anti Termite Treatment
Lifetime Guarantee on all Premium Products
Authenticity & Transparency
3X Money Back Assurance

How to Register with Duro’s Guarantee program? Simple, just contact the local channel partner through whom you purchased your Duro products. Within hours a digital copy of your certificate will be in your inbox.

Success Stories

For the last 30+Years , I've been proudly associated with DURO.
DURO sets itself apart with a profound grasp of customer satisfaction. Their unique Guarantee program nurtures customer trust and confidence in the products, making them stand out.

Vishal Jhawar
Ply Samrat(India)Pvt. Ltd.

The Duro Guarantee Program stands out in the industry, offering an unparalleled experience.
For decades, I've endorsed Duro products to my clients, and I've never come across any problems. Customers consistently express their highest satisfaction with the products.

Interior Designer - Sapna Aggarwal
Ansa Interiors

Quality that stands the test of time - Our products, are backed by a

Lifetime Guarantee
Terms and Conditions

1. Duroply Industries Limited products are guaranteed for its performance against all kinds of insect attack only. While all products are treated to be Termite and Borer Resistant, in the unlikely event of any deterioration due to insect infestation being discovered in the product, the customer is entitled to reimbursement based on the fulfilment of all terms and conditions listed herewith.

2. The purchase of Duro Products must be registered through an Authorised Dealer within 1 month from the date of invoice issued.

3. To lodge a complaint and claim under this Guarantee Program, the customer will have to produce Invoice and the Guarantee Certificate issued by an Authorized Dealer.

4. The invoice must clearly mention the brand, quantity, and value of each Duro product purchased.

5. The customer needs to lodge a complaint through the Authorized Dealer or through the company.

6. The company reserves the right to carry out inspection of the premises from there the claim for the defective material has been issued.

7. The company reserves the right to take sample from damaged portion and thereafter send it for testing at either the company’s laboratory or any company approved testing laboratory.

8. After satisfactory proof that DURO product has been subject to insect infestation, the company shall compensate the customer either the value of the furniture or 3 times the value of the defective product, whichever is lower.

9. The Guarantee will not be applicable in case of use of other material of other brands or sub standard sawn timber along with DURO products.

10. The guarantee will not be applicable arising out of damage from causes such as floods and fire

11. The guarantee will not be applicable if the damage has happened due to improper handling, kept near a moisture[1]laden wall or floor, or has been kept on 'kuccha' flooring.

12. The guarantee will not be applicable if it is found that necessary infest treatment was not done prior to using DURO products on the site.

13. All disputes are subject to Kolkata jurisdiction.

14. The time frame of the Guarantee is the time frame mentioned on the guarantee certificate starting from the date of the purchase invoice issued, subject to fulfilment of the terms and conditions mentioned herewith.

15. Lifetime means as long as the product is in use.

16. If the certificate sl no. is found blank then the certificate will be deemed invalid