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Durobord is India's No 1 blockboard due its superior quality and durability. Durobord blockboards are double pressed to ensure a smooth wrap free surface and is also free from corrugation and gaps, establishing itself as the finest quality blockboard in India. Durobord is dimensionally stable and made from kiln dried seasoned timber that can resist termites and other wood-destroying organisms.

Conforming to IS : 1659 (2004)

Good looking, strong cupboards and wall cabinets need block boards of the highest quality. DUROBOARD is the right choice for you.Duroboard is dimensionally stable and can resist termite and other wood-destroying organisms. And most importantly, it is carpenter- friendly,light weight, easy on tools and can hold screws and nails firmly.

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Carpenter Friendly
Durobord has the advantage of being carpenter friendly, light in weight, easy on tools and can hold screws and nails firmly.
Durable Timber
Durobord is made with the finest quality of AAA grade and kiln seasoned Pine timber filler, hardwood cross core and superior grade face veneer. This unique combination of fine raw material ensures lifelong durability.
Smooth Surface
Each sheet of Durobord is double pressed and calibrated for a smooth, warp free surface that is free from corrugation and gaps.
Termite Treatment
Durobord has an extremely high vertical load bearing strength making it ideal for all vertical applications such as cupboard shutters.
Technical Specifications
Conforming to IS : 1659 (2004)
Sr. No. Prescribed Test Values for Conformity Observed Value
1 Moisture content (%) 5 - 15 10 - 5
2 Modulus of Elasticity (N/mm2) 5000 5500 - 5300
3 Modulus of Rapture (N/mm2) 50 55 - 52
4 Water Absorption (%) < 5 < 5
5 Screw Holding Strength(Kgs) 80 100
6 Nail Holding Strength(Kgs) 50 55
7 Squareness Test (%) 0.2 0.4 - 0.6
8 Edge Straightness Test (%) 0.2 0.6 - 0.8
9 Water Resistance Test No delamination after 72 hours in
boiling water at 100°C ± 2°C temperature

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Duro is for You and for the Environment

Duro is committed towards procuring the finest raw material that must be from legal and sustainable sources. This includes procuring timber that has reached its maturity, the source of origin is known, and must come from forests that are sustainably managed.