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Duro Plus

Smartphones improve every year. It’s about time plywood did too. At Duroply, we push the envelope of what you can expect from Plywood. And that's led us to DURO PLUS. It's bigger, better, and superior to all that has come before. And we are excited for you to discover what it can do for you.

Duroply offers perfect solutions for personal and office spaces using original technology that gives your furniture a distinct edge in terms of craftsmanship and strength.


Duro Plus is the most innovative thing to happen to the Plywood industry in the last 60 years. It has a unique range of large-sized Plywood, Block Boards, and Doors. Duro Plus is ideal for innovative architectural solutions that require jointless applications. Duro Plus is easy to install, is value for money, and saves time.

With 100% Lifetime Guarantee
Less Construction Material
Duro Plus requires less usage of material like fevicol, nails, etc. Thus, it requires less construction material and saves material costs.
Easy to Install
Duro Plus covers your home construction simplified by offering instant and hassle-free installation of plywood. It is very easy to install as it has fewer joints which enables a better finish.
Less Manpower
Duro Plus requires less time for installation and therefore less manpower is required for the installation. Duro Plus believes in more time for relaxation.
Engineered for Perfect Fit
Duro Plus offers a perfect fit for innovative creations which gives perfect results for connecting people with their style.

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Duro is for You and for the Environment

Duro is committed towards procuring the finest raw material that must be from legal and sustainable sources. This includes procuring timber that has reached its maturity, the source of origin is known, and must come from forests that are sustainably managed.