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Duro Pumaply

Duro Pumaply is the evergreen workhorse plywood that can withstand any adverse condition. Duro Pumaply is a 100% boiling waterproof plywood that is bonded with the best quality phenol-formaldehyde resin, manufactured with AAA grade tropical hardwood and Termo Treated. Thus, be it inclement weather, changes in humidity, or even termites, Duro Pumaply is truly All-Weather Proof plywood.

Conforms to BWP grade as per IS:710

Duro Pumaply is made from the finest tropical hardwoods that undergo a unique triple heat treatment for superior strength and unmatched durability leading for long lasting woodwork. Duro Pumaply is ideal for use in interior items from kitchens and bathrooms to furniture, ceilings, and floors.

Duro pumaply is known for its durability and specially treated with termo treatment ,that repel termites and wood boring insects making them virtually indestructible. Each plywood sheet is carefully calibrated to achieve a smooth and even surface that ensures the best finish for your interior.

Each plywood sheet is carefully calibrated to achieve a smooth and even surface that ensures the best finish for your interiors. Homeowners prefer this material for its superior strength which makes their home exquisite. In addition, it does not deform or shrink at different temperatures, which make it ideal for homes.

With 100% Lifetime Guarantee
Truly Weatherproof
Duro Pumaply is manufactured with perfectly seasoned tropical hardwood raw material that can withstand the harshest of weather with ease thus making it the All-Weather Proof plywood.
Truly Tough
Duro Pumaply has a superior structural strength and is widely acknowledged for its toughness.
Stable and Versatile
Be it a bedroom or a kitchen in a high humidity coastal region or a dry and cold mountainous region, or even a sweltering 50 degrees desert, Duro Pumaply is Truly Versatile to handle any such challenges.
Truly Indestructible
Each sheet of Duro Pumaply is subject to preservative Termo Treatment that repels termites and other wood harming insects thus making it Truly Indestructible.
Technical Specifications
Sr. No. Prescribed Test Values for Conformity Observed Value
1 Moisture content (%) 5 - 15 6 - 10
2 Glue shear strength(in dry state) Min. 1150N
Avg. 1350N
Min. 1150N - 1250N
Avg. 1380N - 1430N
3 Adhersion of ply Min. pass standard Min. pass standard
4 Glue shear strength
(after 72 hrs. boiling)
Min. 800N
Avg. 1000N
Min. 900N - 1050N
Avg. 1100N - 1200N
5 Tensile strength
Along the grain
Across the grain

42N/Sq. mm.
25N/Sq. mm.

48N/Sq. mm.
30N/Sq. mm.
6 Sum of strength 84.50N/Sq.mm. 90N/Sq.mm.
7 Static bending strength
Modulus of rupture
Along the grain
Across the grain
Modulus of elasticity
Along the grain
Across the grain

50N/Sq. mm.
30N/Sq. mm.

7500N/Sq. mm.
4000N/Sq. mm.

58N/Sq. mm.
35N/Sq. mm.

7800N/Sq. mm.
4900N/Sq. mm.

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Duro is for You and for the Environment

Duro is committed towards procuring the finest raw material that must be from legal and sustainable sources. This includes procuring timber that has reached its maturity, the source of origin is known, and must come from forests that are sustainably managed.