As today’s overly hectic, stressful and erratic lifestyle has made it almost impossible to find solace, peace, and serenity in everyday life, your own home might prove to be a great rescuer. All that you need is to apply Zen principles in your home décor settings. Zen designs are not only immensely popular these days, but also have become a trend.    

Zen is considered to be a very well-grounded and peaceable way of life. The interiors inspired by the Zen concept contain an extremely personal décor styling and reflect the chasteness of alluring art forms. Zen designs are minimalist by attributes and make use of the following:

A home decorated as per the Zen concept offers an incredible feeling of relation, cozy visual appeal, and introspectiveness. The décor accessories in Zen homes are set in such a way that the entire ambiance gets clutter-free, clearing all obstacles and hindrances. The dwellers in such settings feel relaxed, enjoy openness and experience rooms merging into each other, with doors opening into bigger and wider spaces. 

Natural light can be regarded as the base behind Zen designs. When windows of the home are framed with either plywood or old wood arches, backed by fluttering luxurious curtains, you are all set to enjoy divine and natural sunlight while dancing to the full-on your spirit.

The handmade doors with mind-soothing carvings which reverberate the positive energies of the chakras and the sun are the sublime source of restful, pure and harmonious joy. The natural hues of either reclaimed wood or engineered wood along with the subtle hues create a soul-soothing ambiance which ultimately contributes to the spaciousness and openness of space. 

Some primary inclusions in Zen homes are:

  • Ochre patina coffee or tea tables having a splash of colors
  • A colorful tribal damchiya in the den
  • Cabinets constructed from plywood apart from media consoles
  • A handcrafted Buddha in natural stone
  • An arched whitewashed bookcase

The divine beauty of nature plays well with Zen-inspired homes. There was a time when natural solid wood was the only medium to achieve natural carvings and textures. But, in the contemporary times engineered wood (Plywood) produced by the best plywood brands in India has taken place of conventional wood in the formation of Zen-ready homes. You name the piece of furniture, and there you get a specific variant of high-quality plywood to serve your purpose.