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Subtle Choices that Shape the Atmosphere of Your Kitchen

Revamp Your Kitchen: Atmosphere Shaping Tips | Duroply

The fascination for using plywood, blockboard and veneers as a compelling choice for interior design has further extended to kitchen interiors. These products are increasingly being integrated into household modular kitchens, whether for cabinets, shelving or shutters. 

Let’s explore the various applications of plywood, blockboards, and veneers in kitchen interiors.


Owing to their smooth surfaces, plywood, blockboards and veneers are used to enhance aesthetic appeal while maintaining functionality. Plywoods, providing a durable solution, can be finished with various coatings to achieve the desired look. Blockboards, suitable for cabinet doors and panels, can be customised with veneers in different finishes to complement any kitchen style or theme.

Mixed Materials:

The trend of incorporating various materials into kitchen interiors continues to evolve, diversifying the space. Plywood, blockboard and veneers offer a versatile and dynamic approach to design. While plywood serves structural and decorative purposes, blockboards are ideal for doors and tabletops. With their unique visual appeal, veneers add style to the interiors through different elements, ranging from furniture to wall panels. In combination with glass, metals, and stones, these materials create captivating textures and contrasts in the kitchen.

Addressing Safety Concerns:

Some primary concerns when utilising these wood-based alternatives revolve around its safety due to the flammability concerns and the effect of moisture on wood. Innovations like Boiling Waterproof Plywood (BWP) and Fire Retardant Plywood (FR) are a testament to the growth in technology that addresses issues in this regard. FR grade plywoods, enhanced with various additives, undergo rigorous testing to delay catching fire, while BWP or Marine Grade Plywood is designed to withstand prolonged moisture exposure.

The latest innovation from Duro, Duro Advantage, is a remarkable product that combines the attributes of FR plywood and BWP Grade Plywood. Featuring nine layers of protection (9 X Safety), superior woodwork and cutting-edge technology, including 5 Heat Treatment, Super Log Criterion, Duro Advanced Fireshield Technology and 72 hours BWP, Duro Advantage guarantees safety in your kitchen interiors. The low formaldehyde emissions and termite-resistant properties also ensure their safe usage in kitchens.

Additionally, the sustainability movement promotes the adoption of eco-friendly alternatives for wood, rendering plywood and veneers an appealing option.

In conclusion, plywood and veneers offer versatile options for kitchen interiors, allowing for the creation of diverse styles that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, meeting the needs of modern trends while also being resourceful.