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Redefining Woodwork with Unmatched Protection of Duro Advantage

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Often regarded as a staple in woodwork and design, plywood has earned its reputation for versatility and reliability. Its widespread use across diverse industries highlights its indispensable nature in construction projects, furniture making, and beyond. However, despite its universal presence and various applications, plywood has long been burdened by a perception of inherent limitations and drawbacks.

Concerns surrounding plywood’s durability, tendency to warp, and susceptibility to delamination have shadowed the industry in the past. Issues related to strength, safety, and harmful emissions have long loomed over the industry. However, with technological advancements, Duro has pioneered a revolutionary product to address these multifaceted concerns comprehensively. With an aim to provide a holistic solution that surpasses traditional plywood in performance and ensures safety, durability, and environmental responsibility.

Duro Advantage is a revolutionary plywood engineered to challenge entrenched perceptions and redefine industry standards. It represents an innovative blend of materials curated to maximise performance and durability. What sets Duro Advantage apart is its unique construction in layers, each serving a distinct purpose to provide unparalleled protection. With a total of 9 layers, this plywood ensures comprehensive safeguarding at every level:

  • Superior Calibration: Duro Advantage maintains uniform thickness across its surface, ensuring consistent dimensions for flawless furniture and panelling applications.
  • PFS Super Bonded: This feature guarantees zero delamination to high-grade adhesive used in the bonding process, ensuring the structural integrity of the plywood over time.
  • Termite Proof: Duro Advantage offers lifelong protection against termites, safeguarding your spaces from the damage caused by these silent invaders.
  • Fraud Protection: Utilising QR-based security measures, Duro Advantage assures against counterfeit products, ensuring genuine and high-quality plywood.
  • Low Formaldehyde Emission: Duro Advantage minimises formaldehyde emissions, promoting a healthier indoor environment by reducing exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • Heat Treatment Endurance: Subject to rigorous heat treatment methods, Duro Advantage undergoes testing to ensure stability and longevity, even in challenging environmental conditions.
  • Fire Hazard Safety: Duro FireShield technology enhances safety by providing extra protection against fire hazards, making it suitable for use in both residential and commercial settings.
  • 72-Hour BWS Grade: With its water-proof and heat-resistant properties, Duro Advantage withstands prolonged exposure to moisture and high temperatures, ensuring durability in diverse environments.
  • Super Log Criterion: Crafted from top-quality logs selected through rigorous criteria, Duro Advantage plywood ensures superior strength and performance, meeting the industry’s highest standards.

In essence, Duro brings a paradigm shift in the industry standards with the latest Duro Advantage. It has reshaped the plywood manufacturing landscape by addressing long-standing concerns surrounding durability, safety, and environmental impact. A solution that blends cutting-edge technology with sustainable methodologies, ensuring the highest quality standards meet the evolving needs of modern construction and design projects. With its unmatched performance, reliability, and sustainability features, Duroply meets and exceeds the expectations of architects, designers, and builders worldwide.