Wood veneer can be considered as the finest expression of wood. It is a thin layer of wood that is cut from a log. Premium natural veneers are principally utilized for interior decoration applications in a wide variety of segments. They are quite ideal mainly for hotel projects, residential projects, offices and many more. Veneer, being a natural wood product, requires proper care. If taken care well, veneer will not only last longer but also look beautiful for many years to come.

Natural Veneers

Veneers have a tendency to get stained, and require regular cleaning

Here are some tips on how to take care of veneers well-

Veneers generally require the following types of cleaning-

Everyday Cleaning

  • Clean veneered furniture daily with fully dry and lint-free piece of cloth.
  • Always perform the cleaning job with cloth on furniture, exactly in the direction of wood grain.

Cleaning After Every 15 Days

  • Clean the surface of the veneer with a damp cloth, and then wipe it with a dry cloth.
  • Avoid making use of soapy or detergent mixed water for cleaning the surface of the veneer, as it can harm the polish of the veneer. As a result, the veneer polish can start losing its natural shine in the long run.
  • Home owners can also go for a high quality wood cleaning agent to serve their purpose.

Avoid Stains as much as you can

Veneers have a tendency to get stained. These stains get quite prominent when veneers are light. On the other hand, these stains are barely visible with dark veneers. Stains on these veneers develop only when tea, coffee or any other colored food liquids spill on their surface. To avoid these stains, you must clean the spilled drink or food immediately. There are a large number of home owners who like to have veneer surface even for dining tables. But, a lot of care must be taken like using coasters for tea-coffee mugs and glasses, and protective pads under all types of food holders with rubber cushioning.

You must keep it in mind that once the decorative wood veneers are damaged, then replacing them with exactly the same pattern or design is really very difficult. Otherwise, when veneered furniture is taken good care by cleaning it on regular basis, they not only look beautiful, but also remain new for at least 12-15 years