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> Enamored with Nature’s Roots – Dusky Fumed Veneers 

Enamored with Nature’s Roots – Dusky Fumed Veneers 

Dusky Wood Veneer

Warm and Earthy Decorative Veneers are back in trend, having been a staple in vintage and modern Victorian home décor trends. From walnut to ebony and wenge, the darker and unique tones of woods give the interiors a luxurious, bold, and dramatic touch. As we move through the passage of time and evolving technology, it is now easier for wood industries to produce dusky wood veneers creatively and efficiently for quicker consumer use, just by using light-toned woods.

Ammonia fuming technology is now a widely recognised wood darkening and grain-enhancing process for obtaining dusky veneers. It consists of exposing the Wood Veneers to a strong aqueous solution of ammonium hydroxide which reacts with the tannins of the wood. More the tannin content of the wood, the better the process for obtaining genuine dark wood. This obtained fumed wood veneer is also known as smoked wood veneer.

The art of fuming wood can be traced back to England and can be considered to be an accidental discovery. This invention was popularly used by furniture makers back in the 20th century during the Arts and Crafts Movement and is a technique to date used in modern-day wood industries.

Darker woods are easily used sparingly to provide a contrast and stage as a centerpiece in an interior setting, or, weave a story of the origins of the dark hardwoods from tropical forests. They are used not only to rev up a space’s dynamism but also as a darker, elegant, and minimalist industrial theme.

Thanks to the earthy dark tones and textures of these woods, they are not just responsible for delivering aesthetics but are a very functional and versatile component to the spaces they adorn. Since dark-toned timbers don’t usually show dirt as easily and are resistant to show the wear and tear that is bound to take place over a period of time, it makes the space more child-friendly and pet-friendly.

With distinctive wood grains, no two pieces of wood from a single species are ever the same. They vary and get better with age just as wine! Maintaining the same wood tone across a room is a challenge for all designers until they have the jurisdiction to mix & match darker and lighter wood textures in the right proportion with the conceptual design they have decided upon. 

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Wood Veneer

Top Trends in Wood Veneers 

Wood veneers have definitely become a first choice for interior designers in comparison to solid wood. Veneer’s beauty, versatility, and cost savings have definitely placed its importance before solid wood in the market. 

Even high-end luxury interior projects have started embracing wood veneers as a design solution for furniture, Decorative Wall Panelings, kitchen cabinets, flooring, and now, even light fixtures!  Explore the world of veneers with Duro and redesign spaces with the latest trends of 2023!

Warm and earthy decorative veneers

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 1. “The Less is More” Aesthetic 

Minimalism in interiors has quite significantly impacted consumer lifestyle, taste, and even the way we look at the world now. 

Ever thought about how we correlate minimalism with our design spaces? It all started with the rise of visual arts back in the mid-twentieth century when a lot of designers started breaking down antiquities and began to relish the beauty of simpler forms of nature derived from them. 

Unleashing a pragmatic approach with functional aspects over form, through the use of muted tones of Dyed Decorative Veneers, it’s now easier than ever to achieve this minimal design trend.

2. Warm & Earthy Color Tones

In this fast-paced era of modern technology and work stress, we usually end up burning the candles at both ends, which ultimately turns into burnout! It all comes down to a need of having a calm and relaxed space that gives one a breather from the idiosyncrasies of work blues. 

Warm and earthy color tones of taupes, browns, and caramels derived from fumed/smoked veneers ground us with more authentic experiences that help us evolve and nurture our frame of mind. 

3. The Contemporary Aesthetic 

Contemporary design trend is not just limited to minimalism or modernism, but is a collection of multiple styles like postmodernism, deconstructivism, futurism, art deco, and so many more. 

By definition, contemporary refers to “living or occurring at present”. As the definition suggests, this design form absorbs so many other recurring styles around it “in the moment”, that it changes constantly with the flow of time. The ASH veneer collection amalgamates all the styles in a trail that contemporary decor leaves behind as a memory of all design forms from the past, the present, and the future. 

4. Monochromatic Interiors 

The beauty of this trend lies in the variation of tones that it uses within the singular colour palette that connects each corner of the space harmoniously. Evoking vibrant feelings while striking a balance between minimal and maximal style, this appeal is universal. 

The ASH, Dyed & Fumed Veneer series bring a variety of colours oscillating between browns, caramels, greys, whites, and natural hues of nature, creating a bold and impressive colour palette.