Natural wood veneers are one of the most cost-effective, yet impactful decorative materials to finish all types of interiors. However, to make sure that you have the best possible finish, the entire job is fully dependent upon how efficiently you match the veneers in the very first place.

Natural Veener

The perfect matching of veneers involves creating varied effects from the grain of the veneer leaves

The perfect matching of veneers involves creating a large number of effects from the grain of the veneer leaves. Incorrect veneer matching always results in an aesthetically and visually poor finish, and can sabotage the overall quality of the craftsmanship regardless of how good the veneer sheets you use.

Below I am narrating some types of matching methodologies and how they differ to each other:

  • Book Matching

A book veneer matching is exactly where the veneers are to be fitted together just like the pages of a book, so that alike grains can display an almost reflected image. Making use of this method generally results in a purely natural flow of wood’s grain.

  • Shuffle Matching

Shuffle veneer matching is a process in which you put together the natural wood veneers of the same species, but different grains and shades in random order, to give a unique look.

  • Slip Matching

Slip Matching is where the different types of leaves are slid across each other to make a show of gradient effect. This kind of matching is generally applied to lighter wood cores.

Each kind of veneer matching creates a different effect and uplifts the profile of unique characteristic of the leaves. When doing the perfect veneer matching, you are in need to make sure that you are working with the best experts. Sourcing the right kind of products is also of crucial importance.

DURO Nature’Signature

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