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Remodeling or revamping a home needs a large number of things to be bought for achieving the desired appearance and feel. Although there are countless things that can be considered to make a home go gaga in terms of décor.

And installing real wood veneer paneling is the most fantastic idea. It will not only warm up your spaces, but also make the entire ambience welcoming and inviting for you and your visitors as well.

Just like many other décor elements and accessories of homes, walls to a large extent, represent and reflect the personality of their owners all the way. Real wood veneer wall paneling makes your way to achieve all exclusivities that you wish your home must have.

Let’s explore the charm of real wood veneer paneling in the following pointers:

  • The natural, appealing and eyeballs-grabbing beauty of veneer paneling offers serenity and timelessness to your walls.
  • Finished with a long-lasting and eco-friendly UV coating, they can be found clear coated or even having a custom stain.
  • For an additional appeal of natural wood presence, they are winded up with wood edge banding.
  • Be it an office, conference room, or a simple sweet home, real wood wall panels can be installed anywhere choosing from a large range of species available. In official set ups, these panels are well known for creating a warm, cozy and inviting ambience leading to enhanced productivity and elevated motivation.
  • Whether you use them on a single wall or all the walls of an office or home, you will have a lot of scope for creativity and aesthetic exploration.

What to buy and where to buy?

The art and science behind real wood veneer paneling can really be very baffling, intriguing and confusing for many people. What to buy and where to buy is a question that comes to the mind of every buyer, be it veneers or high quality plywood for furniture.

Duro Ply as one of the best plywood companies in India has established Asia’s largest veneers showroom in Delhi. Here, the company has deployed a team of experts that helps buyers to finalize veneers for all their needs. You can explore all of them right here.