Why should you use natural veneers over decorative laminates for your favourite furniture? There are some hidden facts for which experts say premium natural veneers are a much better choice than decorative laminates.

Reasons for choosing natural veneers over decorative laminates:

  1. Unique Factor: Natural veneers obtained from trees, even of the same species, are never exactly alike. There will always be visible differences in the grain patterns of the veneers, just like finger prints. Even in this day and age of synthetic and metallurgical wonders, natural veneer’s individualism is its most appealing factor.
  2. Exclusive Look: Decorative natural veneers exude the rich look of wood and multiple shades and patterns can be mixed and matched. Additionally, the look of natural veneer gets accentuated by the light that falls on the surface; also there are some colours on which the effect of light creates the maximum impact. This enables the chances of creating endless design possibilities to give your furniture an exclusive look.In comparison, the prospect of experimenting with different shades or designs of decorative laminates is much less.
  3. Covers Edges and Makes Joints Disappear: In any construction activity, to achieve a smooth finished cover for wood, or to conceal the rough edges and small gaps that are often left between the joints of two sheets of wood, applying decorative natural veneers allows one to ensure a smooth, single-frame look.
  4. Resists Warping and Fragmentation: If a decorative natural veneer is glued to a stable substrate (like wood or plywood) with a strong phenolic adhesive, the natural veneer can resist small expansions and contractions that the substrate undergoes in accordance with the seasonal changes.
  5. Customization: In comparison to laminates, natural veneers plywood can be customized with polish or stain from light to dark more easily.
  6. Creates Everlasting Value: Wood is generally more valuable than artificial or faux products. Natural veneers own the same attribute. Notwithstanding the passage of time, the value of natural veneer or the furniture it is applied on does not diminish.If a wooden surface covered with a decorative natural veneer is well maintained and polished once every couple of years, the veneer will look much more splendid and graceful than a laminate for a long time.
  7. Eco-friendly: Natural veneers are obtained straight from the womb of nature. Decorative laminates are made using plastics and resins which have harmful effects on health and environment.