When it comes to getting the best interior décor of home or office, everyone craves for sophisticated, rich, luxurious and flaunty looks. And to achieve the same, what interior décor experts suggest is the use of veneers.

best veneers in India

Veneers add rich splendor to your interiors

Needless to say, veneers have become a part and parcel of the contemporary furniture industry, and they go hand in hand with almost all types of furniture surfaces. Here, you will find 7 very insightful facts you might not know about veneers-

  1. Veneers add rich splendor to your interiors and intensify the aesthetic beauty of your home or office.
  2. Veneers enable the furniture to be strengthened and can effortlessly be coupled with other pieces of wood to create a particular level of flexibility.
  3. Veneers are considered to be a great tool especially when you want to cover any inexpensive surface to make it flaunt an expensive look. In simple words, veneers can help you put a rich and sophisticated covering over all petty inners.
  4. Since veneers are glued with high-grade waterproof adhesive, the surfaces they form are prone neither to any seasonal movement nor wrapping or any kind of splitting.
  5. Veneers not only make furniture cost-effective and more durable but also bring down the overall maintenance cost as they don’t need any kind of polishing to be done upon them.
  6. The most outstanding aspect associated with the veneers is that they can be replaced when damaged (only under some extreme conditions), bringing your furniture in the same old rich and royal state as it was before.
  7. Apart from just serving the beautification or decorative purposes, veneers act as a strong shielding agent, safeguarding the furniture beneath them from everyday stains and spills, exposure to direct sunlight and various other usual impacts.

These are, undoubtedly, only a handful of veneers advantages. You can explore them more right here on the Duroply website.

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