Veneer Visualiser Interactive

A screenshot of the actual veneer visualiser

Our recently updated website is offering you an exclusive feature – the Duro Nature’s Signature Veneer Visualiser.

The veneer visualiser gives you a chance to virtually try out the available veneer designs on different room layouts with different furniture items and room décor.

The veneer visualiser is available on our website, under the product drop-down menu. Once you click on that button, a separate tab would open. All you need to do is to register yourself and follow the on-screen instructions. Thereafter, every time you need to use it, you can simply log in with your login credentials – user name and password.

You are now ready to experience the magical world of the Duro Nature’s Signature Veneer Visualier.

Nine different room layouts with furniture items congruent to the interior décor of the rooms are available on the right-hand top corner of this page. Once you choose a room, you can then select a few furniture items in each room and change the veneer on them to see how the veneer designs looks on the selected furniture.

This way you would be able to mix and match different colors or designs to choose the best combination.  We currently offer more than 250 elegant designs to choose from, covering a whole range of colour and design gamut that are available for your choice.

So go ahead and recreate the magic that you have always wished for with the help of the veneer visualiser. This fantasy world is all yours to explore!