Home decor has undergone a sea change over the past decade, and the trend is more towards minimalistic and trendy-looking designs, especially in home furniture. Nowadays, most of the home decor and home furniture is made by using Plywood for the following reasons-

best quality plywood in India

Flexibility, strength, durability, and economy make plywood in ideal choice

  1. Plywood offers multifarious advantages

Carpenters and interior designers across the globe prefer plywood to plain wood nowadays. Unlike plain wood, plywood is durable, and can be moulded easily as per the construction requirements. Plywood neither shrinks nor develops cracks, twists or warps in the long run to offer an always-new look to your home.

  1. Plywood offers outstanding flexibility and strength

As interior designs are improving with innovations in technology, there has also been great advancement in making of wardrobes and cabinets inside almost all types of structures. Plywood’s flexibility and strength make it the most preferred choice of interior decorators and carpenters alike. The pieces of furniture made from the best quality plywood in India can very easily be styled, painted, polished or even be laminated as per one’s choice in different colours, textures and even patterns, to give a completely new look to your furniture.

  1. Very convenient

Plywood can be easily used. It is easy to nail or screw and unlike wood, these processes do not cause any damage to the ply.

  1. Durable

When you use treated plywood sourced from a reputed plywood supplier in India, you get material that lasts. For instance, DURO treats logs for moisture and pests before peeling into veneers or processing. Therefore, you need not worry about any hazardous consequences later.

  1. Economical

Not much wood is wasted during the making of plywood and when you use MR (Moisture Resistant), Marine Grade or Boiling Waterproof Grade Plywood, you are able to get the best furniture at more than half the cost of wood like Teak or Sesame etc.

After your home’s renovation is complete, do utter a soft “Thank You” to Plywood for making your house look so radiantly beautiful.