A professional interior designer works in 3 dimensions that include height, width, and length. There are two types of spaces wherein they work – functional and nonfunctional. Functional space might contain a large number of things whereas nonfunctional space remains vacant. A flawless balance between the two spaces is very necessary for a great aesthetic impact in any structure.

Modern Décor Unfolded

Dynamic lines offer movement and energy

This balance to a large extent depends upon the needs of an individual in a particular area of the house and their usability. It is also immensely significant to be mindful of the size and scale, especially of the furniture to be placed in the house, because this can make a big difference in making a space either look bigger or smaller.

Here’s how lines and space relation goes:

  1. How an interior designer creates a balance between the spaces depends entirely upon his visualization of the needs of the property owner.
  2. Every space is designed to make use of dynamic, vertical, and horizontal lines to convert the space into an aesthetically appealing structure.
  3. A well-thought use of lines provides any space with harmony in structural design while highlighting efficiency and stability.
  4. Vertical lines are created by accessories such as doorways and windows and they generally are the medium to create an illusion of spaces.
  5. Referring to diagonal and curved lines, dynamic lines offer movement and energy, and they are generally utilized in stairs to create an eye-grabbing impression.
  6. There must be a sufficient balance between all the lines so that unnecessary confusion in and between the spaces can be avoided. Excessive use of any kind of line might affect the desired results.
  7. Placing so many objects having varied shapes can also bring in great confusion. On the other hand, similar shape objects bring in perfect balance and the required harmony.

The EndNote

Be it the creativity in the lines, balance in functional and nonfunctional spaces, or anything else, nothing can be considered complete without furniture. Furniture can play a bigger role in achieving aesthetic perfection in any space. At this juncture, high strength plywood comes second to none in terms of utility in any kind of application.

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