Farmhouse Interiors

The contemporary urban farmhouses are popular for a large number of reasons. Their natural aesthetic vibe reflects the look and feel of mother earth and makes the dwellers experience a different world beyond the daily mundane hangovers and perplexities.

Needless to say, growing up in the lap of nature, feeling the divinity around every moment, and incorporating pieces of furniture made from both natural and engineering wood can be considered as the natural progression of how life at a farmhouse goes on.

If you are looking for adding some hint of minimalism, natural warmth, character, and personality to your farmhouse, here are some tried and tested practices you can proceed with:

  1. Take elements from old-age architecture and simply blend them up with contemporarily practical fixtures to fill your farmhouse with rustic life charm.
  2. Make use of medley colors while installing distressed carved wood cabinets to bring in a truly timeless look and feel.
  3. Leave the windows in a bare state so that you can enjoy meadows full of greenery and fresh flowers blooming.
  4. Both natural and organic materials prove to be the backbone of a new-age farmhouse. As life at farmhouses moves around the kitchen, just procure a combination of industrial metals supplemented by a sleek blend of countertops for the kitchen area. For storage purposes, choose high-quality plywood for kitchen cabinets for peace of mind for life.
  5. For creating a typical village rustic charm, a door carved into the dining table counterbalanced by a glass top works great.
  6. In place of cabinet doors, make use of a simple sari curtain to cover up storage.
  7. As contemporary farmhouse décor is all about producing outdoor effects in the entire inner ambiance, think of plywood for making all pieces of furniture to be placed around. Plywood produced by the best plywood manufacturer in India always goes in sync with contemporary farmhouse interior design.

Customized plywood furniture is strongly recommended for farmhouse furniture. A capable and skilled woodworker can better guide you about which variant of plywood works best in farmhouse settings.