When you buy premium quality furniture made from the best quality plywood for furniture in India, it is undoubtedly an asset that deserves better care and protection. And, it needs more care particularly when summer season approaches.

Furniture in Summer Season

This is exactly where the tips given below can help you to take better care of your premium furniture in the summer months-

  1. Direct sunlight presents a great threat to your furniture, so you have to be extra careful about its covering with curtains, shades or blinds as and when needed. Direct sunlight damages both wood and upholstery when furniture receives prolonged exposure.
  2. Atmospheric humidity plays a great role in reducing the lifespan of your furniture. High levels of humidity can cause the furniture warping. Ideally, it is suggested that you should keep humidity around 40 to 45% with the help of an effective and efficient de-humidifier.
  3. Failed to prevent frequent swings in humidity levels, you will observe that your furniture is absorbing and releasing moisture more frequently, and as a result, it will start showing clearly visible systems of swelling and shrinking, making the furniture cracked.
  4. Avoid placing your furniture just below an AC unit because excessive condensation always results in dripping, and when it occurs repeatedly, can deform or discolor the upholstery or even the material with which the particular piece of furniture is made.
  5. During summer season, termites get proactive. They take on heavily over furniture made of conventional wood.  At regular intervals, you will have to check if there are any insect feces or wood dust out there. Effective pest controlling can help here. However, the furniture made from termite resistant board or plywood can confront bores and termites well.
  6. Most commercially available polishes and sprays in the market that people often use for giving a shiny finish to their furniture have either petroleum distillates or silicone oil. You are suggested to use them in moderate amount as they can result in a buildup that can create a sticky and indecent looking film, particularly in summer months.