The contemporary furniture has entirely changed the way we live. With continual evolvement particularly in the past decade, all types of furniture have witnessed a sea change, be it size, color, theme or designs. Be it a chair, table, sofa or bed, all of them these days are made from engineered wood (Plywood) which has entirely replaced the conventional wood.

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Engineered wood (Plywood) has entirely replaced the conventional wood

What appeals to people most in furniture these days are design and style as they offer amazing flexibility for incorporating changes as per the needs of today’s people. The furniture which is space-saving and can be placed anywhere is loved and admired by all.

This post sheds light on some of the most popular contemporary furniture trends-

The growing taste for blended contradictory furniture

Highly contrasting styling directions, as well as eclecticism, are what dominating the home décor these days. People are fortifying their taste for blended contradictory pieces of furniture with exotic art and vintage finds.

Innovative motifs and design styles

Geometrical prints and designs are making a come back again in modern furniture, especially in sofa couches and chairs. When placed against pure white backdrops, this type of furniture offers amazing looks. Here, for an added feel of illusory contrast, people are also going for solid colored pieces along with a blend of different colors and patterns.

Combining the old with new

A large number of professional interior decorators and homeowners even with a little bit interest in interiors are adventuring to combine the old with the new. Traditional handicrafts objects are being considered now as significant functional accessories to the modern regular furniture essentials.

Refusal to both oversized and overpriced furniture

Modern consumers prefer being extremely practical and bring home furniture that is compact in size and reasonable on price. Be it a bed or bookcase, people are going for furniture which proves to be useful without taking too much space, and burning a hole in pockets.

Custom-made over ready-made furniture

Going for custom-made furniture made from construction material sourced from the best plywood brands in India has become the order of the day. Customized furniture offers advantages that can never be expected from ready-made furniture. These include the level of quality, adaptability, cost-effectiveness, freedom to choose a size, colors and much more.

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