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As Coronavirus pandemic is taking its toll, the only way among many others to combat this deadly virus is to have your homes as much clean as you can.

Furniture is an important part of each and every home, and you must be very particular about cleaning and disinfecting it, especially when Coronavirus pandemic is on the spread.

Here’s how you can go:

  1. It might come to you as a surprise that the pieces of furniture that are fabric covered or upholstered offer unmatched ease to be disinfected. What you have to do is just arrange a superior quality fabric-safe disinfectant spray, and apply it on the exterior part of the fabric.
  1. In case you have so many pieces of plastic furniture in the patio, you have to be very mindful of their cleaning. In general conditions, you can use lemon as a natural disinfectant but in the fearful and deadly times of corona, you can use only solution that is prepared from the mixture of soap and washing power. Just give a hard cleaning with this solution and then give a final shot with clean water. Finally, let all the pieces lie down in direct sunlight for at least 3 hours.
  1. In case you want to avoid hard chemical cleaners, you can also apply a moderate amount of steam to almost all types of furniture placed inside your home. However, its effectiveness on corona is yet to be confirmed. But it works on a large number of other bacteria and microbes very effectively. On the contrary, feel free to go hard on furniture made of the best quality plywood for furniture in India, as it can withstand moisture, wetness and even extreme watery conditions, including solutions made from mixing soaps and washing powders.
  1. Put on disposable gloves while performing the job. After the session, the gloves must be discarded without fail. In case you are making use of reusable gloves, they must be exclusive to clean and disinfect surfaces prone to corona only.

We, at Duro Ply Industries, serve you with premium plywood variants such as boiling water proof plywood, waterproof plywood, Flexible Plywood for Furniture and many more. We make an earnest appeal that you should stay at home in these hard times while remaining always particular about cleaning around you, including your furniture.