“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy”

In the past few years, the face of interior designing has witnessed modernisation. Be it a case of remodelling a home or constructing a new one, interior designing is playing a crucial role. In this blog post, I have mentioned 4 popular online trends of 2017 which have become most talked-about in the professional interior designer community-

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Plywood furniture is not only trendy, but also an unavoidable choice for interior designers

  1. Saturated Colours

This is one of the hottest trends to give any home an ultra modern and rich look. A surge of saturated colours like navy and plum can transform the entire ‘look and feel’ of your home. In fact, a large number of designers strongly believe that navy is the latest neutral. It can very easily blend with so many other designs, colours and styles. If you are a little bit hesitant to apply darker colours on your walls, then you can think of adding a sectional or sofa in a highly rich navy or plum tone. This focal piece can give 100% accent to your room.

  1. Metal Backsplashes

Gone are the days of conventionally painted walls and shining tiles behind your kitchen counter. They are now being replaced with pretty easy-to-maintain and sleeker metal backsplashes. In the past few years, professional designers have been choosing everything right from aluminium, stainless steel to high quality plywood for home to give an exclusive look and feel to kitchens. Some designers are also using stone slabs and glasses for extra durable wall coverings, especially around food making areas.

  1. Macramé & Fibre Wall Hangings

Fibre wall hangings can add more texture to your walls very easily. According to some renowned interior designers, this is the hottest trend in 2017. Some industry experts are also of the view that macramé and fibre wall hangings are just like sculpture for the wall. These are well capable of replacing costly art pieces or wallpapers that homeowners with moderate earning cannot afford.

  1. Customized Plywood Furniture

No home can be considered complete without furniture, and customised plywood furniture has become customary for a large number of reasons. Best quality plywood for home gives surprising ease and flexibility of constructing the desired pieces of home furniture. Be it durability, ease of construction, cost-effectiveness or overall finish, plywood scores heavily over traditional wood on each and every parameter. This is the reason plywood furniture has become trendy, and in other words, an unavoidable choice for both home owners and interior designers.