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DUROMAC is a wonder brand and a product of cutting edge research and innovative pricing strategy. It is all-weather proof, boiling water resistant, made from selective matured wood and bonded with strong resin. It is treated with a secret mix of preservatives and chemicals which create a powerful barrier that fights against termites, bores and other wood destroying organisms. The 100% water resistant and all-weather proof DUROMAC Plywood & Blockboard comes with the proven quality of Duro.

Conforms to IS:303 Plywood available in BWR & MR grades
Conforms to IS:1659 Blockboard available in BWR & MR grades
10 Years Guarantee
Cutting Costs. Not Quality
Our endeavour has been to find out ways and means to ensure our customers do not compromise on quality even when forced to managed costs.
Making the Impossible Possible
A product of cutting edge research and innovative pricing strategy, Duromac, made from selective matured wood and bonded with super strong resin, is a wonder brand. It is all weather-proof, boiling water resistant, and acts as a barrier against all wood destorying insects.
10 Years Gurantee
From insect infestations with 3 times money back guarantee. T&C apply.
Technical Specifications
Conforming to IS 303
Sr. No. Prescribed Test Values for Conformity Observed Value
1 Moisture content (%) 5 - 15 5 - 10
2 Modulus of Elasticity
(Parallel to face grain) (N/mm2)
4000 4700-5100
3 Modulus of Rapture
(Parallel to face grain) (N/mm2)
30 32-40
4 Adhesion of Plies Pass Pass
5 Squareness Test(5) 0.2 0.02-0.06
6 Edge straigtness Test(%) 0.2 0.02-0.06

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Duro is for You and for the Environment

Duro is committed towards procuring the finest raw material that must be from legal and sustainable sources. This includes procuring timber that has reached its maturity, the source of origin is known, and must come from forests that are sustainably managed.