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Duro Door Lites

Duro Door Lites is a complete revelation in technology. It is lighter in weight by 60% while holding the same strength as a regular flush door. Duro Door Lites is made by extruded Kraft Paper that is imported from Europe and sandwiched between hardwood veneer / MDF based on clients’ requirements.


DuroDoor Lites is made from Honeycomb structured kraft paper making it extremely light in weight while having the same strength as a regular flush door. The unique honeycomb structure also provides these doors with fantastic acoustical properties.

We at Duroply, strongly believe in utilizing innovative materials as we are committed to conservation of forests. Mixing the advantage of its eco-friendly attribute with high strength of honeycomb core, Duro offers a product innovation - DuroDoor Lites, a specialized door which is "Light as feather and Strong as Steel".

The strength of DuroDoor Lites comes from the hexagonal shape of the honeycomb core, one of nature's unique gifts. The honeycomb core is lighter than solid filling materials with the added advantage of high strength - to - weight ratios. DuroDoor Lites, therefore is more economical in terms of hardware usage and fixing costs.

With 100% Lifetime Guarantee
Unique Honey Comb Structure
Honeycomb Kraft paper filler ensures that any pressure on the Flush Door is dissipated evenly across the doors keeping intact the strength while maintaining a significantly reduced weight.
Light in Weight
These doors are 60% lighter in weight as compared to regular Flush Doors and therefore ideal for high-rise buildings, sliding shutters, hospitals, and schools.
Stable and Versatile
Due to the 3" Frame all around and provision for vision hole, door locks, stopper through seasoned solid blocks, the product is very stable and can be customized as per your requirement.
Environmentally Sustainable
Working towards sustainability is no longer an option but a necessity and we try to fulfill that.
Technical Specifications
1 Tensile strength 380 psi at room temperature.
2 Crush Strength 300 psi
3 Thermal Conductivity 0.70k (75k for Aluminum)
4 Acoustics 35 STC ( Sound Transmission Class) ( 30 STC For Solid Door)
5 Eco-Friendly Recyclable kraft paper impregnated with special polymers
6 Weight 40% lower weight than solid doors.
7 Moisture Content (%) For maximum pressure strength, the moisture content is kept between 8-10%

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Duro is for You and for the Environment

Duro is committed towards procuring the finest raw material that must be from legal and sustainable sources. This includes procuring timber that has reached its maturity, the source of origin is known, and must come from forests that are sustainably managed.