What is Wood Veneer? How does it Enhance the Interior Look?

What is Wood Veneer?

Wood veneer is a very unique and luxurious product made from various exotic varieties of wood that are sourced from all around the world. It is known for its sustainability and popularity among designers and architects due to its high aesthetic appeal and a very diverse range of applications. 

Veneer has the power to make any ordinary-looking object, alluring and exclusive. Such distinctive qualities are hardly offered by any other wood product, making it a very high-end and sought-after item. 

It is among the topmost choices when it comes to deciding the right material for interior look enhancement or converting a rather plain-looking product into a gorgeous piece of art. The veneer is a natural product made from thin slices of wood and sometimes bark, which is usually thinner than 3 mm (1/8 inch). It is made by gluing together thin strips of wood into sheets, and these strips are sliced from the highest quality wood with the minimum possible imperfections. It is pressed upon the exterior of other products and is used as a decorative surfacing for items such as plywood, furniture, and instruments to enhance the overall appearance and appeal of these products.


What are the Different Types of Wood Veneer?

Veneers are available in many varieties based on their density. On the basis of the species of the tree used, veneers can be classified as softwood veneer, semi-hardwood veneer, and hardwood veneer. Obtained from logs of trees and sliced as thin as 0.5 to 1mm veneers are 100% natural and eco-friendly.

The wood veneer also goes by the name “engineered wood” since it’s an amalgamation of artificial manufacturing and refinement, and natural wood obtained directly from distant forests, with its cellular structure still intact.


Wood veneer Interiors

Wood veneer Interiors


Let’s explore more about wood veneers and how they’re an attractive option in taking your home décor venture a step further.


High aesthetic-appeal

Wood veneers are known for their aesthetic appeal and are one of the most beautiful yet sustainable options out there for taking your home décor endeavor to the next level. The biggest advantage of using wood veneer as a surfacing material for your plywood or furniture is that it enhances the beauty of the furniture by making it more elegant and luxurious looking than real wood 


Wide-range of application

It offers a wide range of looks from classic to contemporary with exquisite options such as the subtle grey veneer or the exotic brown tone of the walnut veneer, making these the perfect decorative covering for a multitude of wood products. These can be used for cabinets, desks, floorings, and even for wall paneling.


Elegant Finish

Made from exotic wood species from all around the world, wood veneers are capable of providing a very premium finish and a timeless look to any piece of furniture, plywood, MDF, or particle boards.


Longevity and Strength

Veneer has a very high threshold for strength and when applied on the core surfaces of plywood or a substrate, it increases their longevity as well. While the extremes of temperature, high moisture, and consistent stresses might cause solid wood to crack or swell, wood veneer endures such conditions pretty well and will probably outlast solid wood furniture. It has the capacity to endure many years of use due to its high resistance to deformation. And this ability to resist warping and breakage comes from it being a natural wood product. 


Durable and Flexible

Durability and flexibility are the prime attributes of natural wood veneer and that’s why it’s used for providing custom light fixtures, accent furniture pieces, modern wooden panels, and many other interior accessories that can serve as the signature pieces in your homes by reflecting your sense of style for many years to come.


Chic and High-end Appearance

With wood veneer available in the market, you can now effortlessly elevate the aura of your home by making use of customized veneer pieces which will embellish your haven with its grandeur, and impart that chic and refined ambiance that it rightly deserves. Any boring place can be turned into a tasteful personalized space with the magnificent touch of natural wood veneer.


How to Make the Right Choice while Selecting Wood Veneer?

When it comes to choosing the right veneer for your wood product focus on the design, color, pattern, and texture that you require for your application. The biggest asset of using veneer for your home is that you will never find the same design in another house since each veneer is unique and cannot be replicated.

While furnishing the high visibility areas such as drawing rooms, lounge bars, doors, and furniture pieces, always use premium quality veneer. Moreover, for consistency in grain, texture, and color make sure that you use the veneer made from the same log of the tree. 


A Piece of Art 

Wood veneer is considered a piece of art in the wood industry due to its ability to transform anything into a very pleasing and exotic article. Its demand has considerably increased in the past few years, due to the elite and upmarket charisma that it offers. It has become a reflection of personal style and a symbol of a luxury nowadays due to its high-end façade.


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