Veneers, as the most significant part of the contemporary furniture-making, have been in use for around 2 centuries. This post is all about some incredible benefits of veneers you must know:

Veneers not only add an aesthetic value to furniture but also strengthen it

1. The alluring beauty of natural wood but at a low cost

Decorative natural veneers offer alluring beauty of natural wood with no need of spending a big fat amount on natural wood. They can be pasted to plywood substrate to achieve aesthetics just similar to natural wood.

2. Possibility of endless customization

As each tree has its uniqueness, so has a veneer. Therefore, you can make use of them to give your furniture a unique look and feel. Just contrary to plastic laminates, you can customize veneers using specific polishes to give it the desired shade. Using veneers, any desired surface finish can be achieved with uniformity to provide your furniture with a timeless look.

3. Strengthen even the weakest construction material

Veneers not only add aesthetic value to furniture but also help in strengthening it. When applied to furniture made from even the weakest construction material, they increase their strength. HDF and MDF, the fiberboards are always prone to damages under watery conditions. The use of veneers safeguards them from such damages while making them stable, sturdy and durable.

4. No warping, no fragmentation

Veneer, entirely being a natural product, offers more longevity and durability than plastic laminates. Even after years of use around watery conditions while resisting warping and fragmentation, what a wood veneer loses is only polish that can be redone with a small number of effort.

5. Veneers have non-toxic properties

Being natural by properties, veneers don’t have any toxicity like laminates. Reputed veneer manufacturers in India make use of high-quality non-toxic adhesives to manufacturer them, leaving no scope for VOC emission.

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