Home renovation always brings the requirement to make several choices. Not only about the look and design of the interiors, but the material being used. One specific one is the choice of using hardwood timber or lumber, or go for plywood. The best choice is to go for plywood.

The use of timber or lumber is becoming outdated in this age of fashion. Lumber contains moisture resulting in warping, and it may also contain termites and borers that will result in cracks. It is also not easy to create wide planks from lumber. The better alternative for home renovation is plywood.


It is easier to shape and fabricate plywood furniture not only for good looks, but also for uniformity in vibrant choices.

Plywood is manufactured by peeling timber logs into thin sheets that are then glued together under pressure and temperature to form compact, dense, strong and uniform looking sheets in dimensions of 6×3 or 8×4 feet, making them ideal for a variety of interior furniture purposes for more reasons than one.

  • Plywood is available in large size sheets with a uniform surface and in thickness ranges from 4 mm to 25mm. That makes it economical to use and also easier for carpenters to shape and fabricate furniture with good looks, especially table tops and cupboard and cabinet doors with uniformity throughout.
  • When you use treated plywood such as DURO you get material that lasts. DURO treats logs for moisture and pests before peeling into veneers or processing into plywood using the best adhesives and processes. This means your plywood will not warp or crack or be destroyed internally by pests. It will last for a lifetime.
  • Carpenters can work extremely fast when they use plywood compared to sawn logs of timber. It is easy to glue laminates to plywood, and give a superior, more aesthetic look to furniture in a short time. Since work is completed quickly it also costs less to renovate a home.
  • You also get plywood with high water resistance. When you use marine grade plywood or boiling waterproof grade plywood it remains unaffected by water and weather and stays true without warping or deformation or delamination, making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and toilets where regular lumber hardwood will simply rot or deform.