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It is a well-documented fact established by both psychologists and architects that the interior décor setting that you have around drastically affects your mood, the way you think, and even the way you behave in your everyday life.

Various studies have revealed that large-sized spaces with high ceilings trigger the dweller’s creativity and instill inspiration whereas the situation contrary to it can make an individual more focused on a task at hand.

This blog explores how you can arrange the décor settings to benefit your emotional self-

Green Elements 

There was a time when natural landscapes visible from workplaces used to be considered as a distractor for the workforce, but as per the latest studies, they are deeply associated with enhanced productivity and betterment in focus.

The same principle applies to the home décor settings too, but unfortunately, this type of landscape is a distant dream in urban conditions. However, you can resolve this issue to a large extent by adding more and more green elements such as plants, flowers as well as foliage to your home.


Furniture is an inseparable part of any home and it must be chosen very cautiously if you want to reflect your taste and personality while bringing out the best from all the available resources and space in your home. Furniture and accessories are well-known to reflect your cultural heritage too.

The pieces of furniture that can affect the overall feel and spirit of your abode include a dining table, chairs, and sofa. Therefore, they must be given serious thoughts and considerations. What’s more, always go for curved edges and soft forms in place of sharp edges, because as revealed in the studies, they are perceived as a potential danger. Using the best quality plywood for home is a great idea to get the furniture that soothes your senses.

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