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Front door reflects the way you live and the lifestyle you follow

As a homeowner, you take great pride in flaunting the overall décor of your home through uniqueness in appearance, and a creative spark that can inspire even others (the onlookers/visitors).

But, when it comes to the entry gate, you always want to go beyond the conventional call while yearning for something that can truly reflect the way you live and a lifestyle that you follow.

This post discusses some ideas to help you spruce up the front door of your home:

1. Wreathes have now become completely obsolete, and prove their relevance only on festive occasions. In case you still have such things on your front door, immediately take them off. Needless to say, you might observe wreathes on some front doors, but now they are no longer a trend.

2. Placing potted plants in the entrance area is both trendy as well as popular for the front door décor. Pruned topiaries provide your home with liveliness and a sense of perfectly stylized art of décor.

3. High quality, elegant doormats work wonders in giving your door an inviting and warm touch. You can go for mats that come with some welcoming phrases on them. A doormat having a cutely carved and created catchphrase will make your guest feel special, and warmly welcomed.

4. Strategically decorating the garden as well as pathway leading to your home also creates a higher elevation. Doing this, keep one thing in mind – you have to stay away from planting greenery that requires high maintenance. Including small shrubs in your greenery scheme is a meaningful idea as they need not much water, while ensuring a beautiful pathway always.

5. Strategic lighting arrangement on the front door can create a magic for sure. Install lights that drastically contrast with the lights installed in other areas of your home. Choose the frames of the lighting fixtures wisely as they provide your décor with a stunning alternative look and feel.

6. When you approach reputed wooden door manufacturers, they will present you with countless options of doors for rooms, front doors and other part of your home, but a custom door is what scores heavily over all of them.

7. A customized front door made using high quality plywood can serve your purpose like no other. Putting plywood in use, you can get doors with desired patterns and gloss varnish finish with durability of a lifetime.

You can explore right here a wide range of high quality plywood variants to make a custom front door.