Furniture with European Beech WoodWith rapid deforestation and increased awareness levels about environmental degradation, the Honorable Supreme Court of India has passed many orders in recent years against indiscriminate felling of trees, with an aim to arrest the harmful effects on the environment.

As a result, availability of natural timber in India has seen a steep decrease in the recent years. With globalization and increased demand of various finished wood products, there has been a concomitant rise in the need for sustainable and better quality timber.

Industry experts believe that European Beech is the most logical solution to all the woes.

Advantages of European Beech wood

  1. Availability: The highest availability of temperate hardwood in the world is in Europe with nearly 57% of the forest cover being Beech. So it can be easily sourced.
  1. Sustainability: Most European countries have strict regulations and policies on sustainable tree planting and felling practices as a result of which the amount of wood used never exceeds the amount of wood grown. This has led to an increase in forest cover in Europe, in contrast to other continents which are seeing a steady decline.
  1. Affordability: Strict European regulations ensure that there will be a continuous abundance of European Beech for many generations to follow. As a result of easy availability, European Beech is affordable as also offers great value in comparison to other hardwoods.
  1. Durability: European Beech is a temperate hardwood with strong and even-poured grain properties. Beech is commonly used across the world for interior and industrial applications because of its inherent structural strength and high resistance to abrasion.
  1. Machinability: Notwithstanding the fact that it is extremely hard, European Beech, due to its close-grain surface, has superior machining properties. It is easy to work with Beech due to its uniform and dimensionally stable properties. As a result, it holds nails and screws easily. It is easy to work with Beech in the following five operations: shaping, turning, mortising, planing and drilling.
  1. Finishability: Tight, fine grain and uniform pinkish color mean that European Beech can be finished without hassles. In particular, with proper staining and polishing, it can resemble more expensive wood species like Walnut and Cherry.

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