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A Concise Guide to Navigate Through Different Bed Bases

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Just having a perfect mattress is not completely up to the mattress itself. While investing in a qualitative mattress, it is also crucial to team it up with a high-quality bed base for getting the most out of it. Selecting the right kind of bed base is what ultimately makes all the difference. Now, the question arises which one to go for?

Here’re some bed-base options to navigate through-

1. Ensemble Vs. Slates

Ensemble bases are often available in the market with innerspring mattresses. They are actually upholstered boxes having springs inside and are very low to the ground. This subdues the mattress’ ability to properly ventilate and is also well known for providing a suitable environment for breeding dust mites.

On the other hand, slate bases are constructed from a series of ultra-flexible timber slate, generally inside a metal frame. They are adjustable and offer good support and ventilation for a comfy sleep. The adjustable slats can very well accommodate changing lifestyles whether you are a kid, teenager or even a lady planning to have a baby.

2. Flexible

The amazing flexibility of the timber slats permits them to assimilate downward pressure and enable he mattress contour around any particular shape for a fully personalized and comfortable sleep.



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3. Minimized Pressure Points

Flexible slat bed bases are made to  ease back pressure and painfulness which is caused by sleeping poses which are either too firm or too soft.

4. Air Flow

The gaps between flexible slats and their nature of being quite elevated off the floor create more ventilation around the mattress. This is of immense significance for maintaining a cozy sleeping temperature.


Bedroom Accessories


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5. Eliminates Dust Mite

Opting for a slat base over an ensemble one simply means you are getting rid of an environment wherein dust mites and allergens profusely inhabit. As a result, you drastically reduce adverse reactions for the people who suffer allergies.

The Conclusive Remark

In case, like many other people, you also want to go customized, then you can consider plywood for bed base for more precise and desirable results. These days, renowned manufacturers like Sarda Plywood are offering world’s finest engineered wood in India to serve all specific furniture purposes like plywood for home or office, plywood for doors and windows, plywood for walls and a wide number of other applications.