There are so many ways to build a durable bed frame, depending upon the materials utilized and the overall build of the frame being made. In this concise how-to guide, I am providing some easier ways to make a great bed frame with material that does not cost much-

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The construction material plays the most pivotal role

  • Make a fundamental sketch

The very first thing you need to carry out before making a new bed frame is decide whether you are going to use the existing bed mattress or purchase a newer one. This is important because you will be in need of the mattress dimensions before planning your frame. The frame necessarily needs to perfectly fit the mattress that you will be using. Therefore, make a fundamental sketch of the dimensions of the mattress.

  • Make a list of the construction materials

The next step includes making a list of the construction materials that you will be using. If you have already got some tools at home, then all you need to arrange is lumber. You will be in need of one big piece of high quality plywood for bed base upon which the mattress rests. The piece of plywood must be a little bit larger than the size of the mattress, so that it can fit well after you position all the bumpers on all four sides. The sheet of plywood must measure the size of the mattress as well as the thickness of your bumpers on all sides.

  • Cut precisely and with caution

For most bed frame builds, a 2×2 is considered to be enough. The plywood to serve this purpose should be 4 inches longer and 4 inches wider than the mattress. The bumpers need to be cut into two 2x2s, in the exact length of the mattress along with an extra 4 inches. Another two 2x2s are to be cut as per the exact width of the mattress. There is no need to add an extra four inches to the frame’s width, since the bumpers will be coupled with the other two bumpers. You will be in need of some extra wood to create the bed posts as well. For fundamental builds, 2x2s cut exactly to the length must suffice.

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