According to a recent study, a healthy common man on an appropriate and suitable bed takes around 10 to 15 minutes to fall asleep at night. Needless to say, your bed is more than a piece of furniture that enables you to have a comfortable sleep after a tiresome and hectic day. Therefore, to help you buy the perfect bed, here’s is a concise bed buying guide for you-

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Plywood is always economical than all other furniture construction materials

King Size Bed

On the King Size Bed, you will have an abundant amount of comfort with ability to sleep with your arms and legs wide open, and keep rolling from one end to other. Another salient advantage of buying a King Size Bed is that it helps you sleep with ease and comfort, leaving behind all the restlessness and stresses. This type of bed is an ideal choice for those having large families.

Queen Size Bed

One of the most significant attributes of a Queen Size bed lies in its height which is greater than its width. This unique feature makes it an appropriate fit for small-sized master bedrooms. You must buy this bed if you want to save space for furnishings, and walking around freely.

Engineered Wood (Plywood) Bed

A bed which is constructed with the best quality plywood in India has an extremely smooth and even surface. Plywood is always economical than all other furniture construction materials available in the market. Plywood is given highly specialised treatment utilizing pre-polished paper and high quality veneers produced by the best natural veneer manufacturers to give it an absolute finish. If you need sturdiness and durability, then you must go for bed made from only plywood.

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