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Challenges in Buying The Right Quality Plywood for Your Interiors


Buying the best quality plywood for your upcoming woodwork for the home or office may seem like a gigantic task that can make you feel overwhelmed. Not surprising because good-quality plywood isn’t the easiest to find as the markets are filled with inferior options.

Plywood Industry in India – The Reality

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If you don’t deal with plywood often, it may be hard to distinguish between superior quality and inferior quality plywood.

The Indian plywood industry is worth rupees 30,000 crores per annum. Sadly, only 20% comes from the organized sector and it can be challenging to differentiate between genuine and non-genuine sellers.

Here’s the problem. Almost anyone can pretend to be selling genuine plywood in the market by writing on the plywood board and claiming it as their brand name. Since the unorganized sector dominates 80% of the market, it is easy to purchase inferior quality plywood when you do not have the correct information.

It is true that most of us want to buy some plywood and get on with the job. However, once you get woodwork done, you are stuck with it for years. Hence, it is crucial that you make an informed decision when it comes to buying the right plywood.

Which Plywood Should You Buy – Branded Or Local?

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Do understand that the prices of branded and unbranded plywood may vary massively. For example, the price of 19 mm, commercial-grade plywood can range between Rs 100/square feet (premium brand) to Rs 30/square feet (low quality and unbranded).

If you are not careful, you can fall into the trap of ‘cheaper prices’ and ‘easy availability’. So how can you make the right choice?

Ask yourself these questions –

1. Do you want to buy cheap plywood for your interiors?

2. Are you okay with purchasing plywood that can swell, break or become termite-infested within a year or within a few years?

3. Are you willing to face the hassles of getting the entire woodwork done again?

4. Can you risk the safety of your loved ones?

5. Do you want high accountability and guarantee for the plywood if something goes wrong?

If your upcoming woodwork is crucial to you, it makes sense to do it right the first time around instead of reworking it. Spending 20% higher on seemingly costlier plywood from the organized sector is better as it gives you plywood that is better quality, more versatile, and comes with quality assurance certificates. It is also treated against borer and termite attacks, has superior after-sales service, and is ecologically and environmentally friendly.


Choosing between branded and unbranded plywood is a decision you must make with practicality. Spending a little more now on a better-quality product that will offer good results in the long term vs saving some money now but spending a lot more in the near future on repairs and corrections – it’s as simple as this!

When in doubt, talk to plywood experts. Duro offers a vast range of Plywood, Blockboards, Flush Doors & Veneer that can be fully customized to help you turn your design concept into a reality. If you are looking for reliable plywood products to serve you well for years to come, contact the team at DURO today.