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> 5 Common Mistakes Consumers Make When Choosing Their Plywood Brand

5 Common Mistakes Consumers Make When Choosing Their Plywood Brand

5 Common Mistakes Consumers Make When Choosing Their Plywood Brand

What are the parameters of deciding which plywood is good and which isn’t?

Building and repairing homes is a strenuous task and there’s a reason we don’t do it just every other day. Other than being financially demanding, it takes a hell lot of time and therefore every choice regarding your home should be made with clear foresight. 

Woodwork if done right can become the aura of your sweet home. But most people get cheated into buying low-grade plywood due to a lack of awareness and knowledge about the plywood industry.

Here we’ll go through a number of mistakes people make while buying plywood without first making a background check on the plywood market.

Mistake 1 – Making a choice based on the prices of plywood.

The issue with finding genuine products for the right price is the mass availability of cheap plywood in the unorganized sector. Around 80% of the plywood comes from the unorganized sector. The biggest drawback of buying plywood from unauthentic sources is disappointment that follows soon after a choice that earlier seemed like the best deal of the year. Initially, you do save some money but the damages that follow are sure to exceed the saving in the long run. How? 

Here’s a personal account of Mr. Manmohan Kumar who purchased plywood for his house from the unorganized sector under the influence of a contractor. He purchased low-grade plywood and the woodwork and furniture didn’t even last 6 months. His furniture got infested with termites and the modular kitchen hardware started falling apart. He had to redo the entire furniture and woodwork for the second time within the same year. 


Mistake 2 – Not matching the plywood with its application

Plywood is a very versatile product and comes in many varieties. Each variety is designed for a specific application and should be purchased in accordance to where it is to be used. 

For kitchen hardware and bathroom cabinets, water-proof plywood is best suited as it has a high resistance to moisture and water exposure. The use of commercial plywood has also become pretty common due to its moisture-resistant qualities. Lack of moisture means no termite attack and long-lasting furniture. 


Mistake 3 – Acting Without Doing Market Research

We all have a habit of acting on impulse without doing proper research. We even rely on other people’s advice completely, especially if it seems to be from a person of authentic demeanor. The local woodworker might seem like a wise guy to trust but he can sell you local low-grade plywood by luring you in the name of low prices. Instead of relying on the contractor or woodworker, all you need to do is just do a little research to find the right plywood for your needs. So instead of believing people and acting without any prior knowledge you can go online and do background research on the market. The ultimate mark of an authentic plywood source is a written guarantee for the products they’re selling. such a guarantee is hard to find in the unorganized market since the plywood is not branded and mostly untraceable to the seller.


Mistake 4 – Overlooking the Brand’s Credentials     

A brand is not just a name but a promise of responsibility in case of a home-remodeling detour. There are a few questions that you need to ask before trusting a brand and these are: Since when has the company been operational within the industry?

  • How many plywood variants does it manufacture and supply?
  • What guarantee does it offer on its products?
  • What about the aspects related to the quality, durability, and reliability of the products?
  • What manufacturing practices does it adopt to produce plywood?
  • Which mode of selling does it promote – offline or online?
  • Does it have a strong dealer network to serve its customers?

When you purchase plywood from a branded source experts will assist you at every stage, from selecting to application. They will even offer a lifetime guarantee for products that are long-lasting.

It not only saves the expenditure but also ensures sustainable products for the environment and safe products for the family.


Mistake 5 – Thinking that products from reputed brands are costly.

The misconception that is costing both the customers and genuine plywood sellers a ton of money is that branded is expensive. People tend to forget that branded plywood comes with a lifetime guarantee which substandard plywood can never offer. 

The cost of branded plywood is justified on the grounds of its exceptional quality, and the accountability that the company is readily taking for the product. Instead of buying plywood on the basis of borrowed beliefs you can invest without worrying in the organized sector and protect your home from the disaster of plywood, gone bad too early.


If you’re looking for professional advice then you can get in touch with our Plywood Expert who will assist and guide you through the process by making you aware of the plywood type, quality, and applicability of the plywood that you wish to purchase for your woodwork. To make your dream home come true get in touch with your plywood expert on 7290049965, or click on the link: www.plywoodguide.com