In the domain of furniture, some applications always demand quality, durability, and reliability in the construction material. And seeking this type of tough and sturdy variant of plywood might be a very intriguing task. But, with calibrated plywood, the things in this regard have got a lot easier and simpler.

Calibrated Plywood

Calibrated plywood offers unmatched durability and outstanding finish

Calibrated plywood is considered to be a special grade of plywood that is engineered through the use of a two-way pressing system. What it takes to produce this variant of plywood are ultra-advanced equipment and very innovative manufacturing techniques.

Some reputed furniture plywood suppliers in India have already started upgrading their infrastructure to produce calibrated plywood. As per some insights into the furniture industry, manufacturing calibrated plywood was simply a daydream a few years back, but now with remarkable progression in technology, things are smoothly in the pipeline.

Due to its longer service life, outstanding finish and high level of resistance to water as well as chemicals, Calibrated plywood find applications in homes, offices, and a large number of other places where supreme quality furniture is the primary concern.

Here are some of the most salient advantages of calibrated plywood:

  • Extremely smooth surface
  • Uniform thickness
  • No possibility of unevenness
  • High level of tolerance

Major applications of calibrated plywood include the following:

  • Calibrated plywood is heavily used in the designing of modular kitchens owing to its sturdiness and uniform thickness
  • High-quality cabinetry, and durable sofas
  • Bedding and shutters

Manufacturing calibrated plywood takes ultra-advanced infrastructure and decades of proven experience within the industry just like Duro Ply Industries Limited. High-quality plywood and Duro Ply always go hand in hand in India, and the company has earned a formidable reputation as one of the leading plywood and decorative veneer suppliers.

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