There are a large number of designs available for modular kitchen, coming in diverse styles, and shapes. In this post, we would discuss some of the most essential elements that make a perfect modular kitchen-

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A dishwasher is one of the most crucial components of a modular kitchen. Dishwashers come in different sizes, and you can choose the one as per your individual household needs and space available.

Chimney – the most prudent accessory

As modular kitchen reflects the elegance of the highest order, a chimney is considered to be the most prudent accessory to protect the décor of the kitchen from damages caused by smoke. A chimney remains instrumental in expelling all the sticky oil-mixed vapor that can spoil the appearance of your kitchen.


A microwave is an inseparable part of any modular kitchen. It immensely cuts down the time of cooking and warming up the packaged food. Cooking food is simply a matter of minutes with a microwave in your modular kitchen.

Custom-built modular furniture

Modular kitchen designs always add an extremely elegant and sophisticated touch to the overall décor. You can make use of glass shutters to beautify the kitchen cabinets made using high-quality plywood for kitchen cabinets. With strategically placed kitchen cabinets, you can keep the kitchen absolutely clutter-free and well-managed.


Luxury furniture inside a modular kitchen is all about appeal and exclusivity. It would be great if you go for custom-built modular furniture made from the construction material sourced from the best plywood brands in India. With custom-made shelves, stools, storage cabinets and drawers, you can ensure maximum functionality of your modular kitchen while fulfilling your personalized styling preferences.