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Block Board and Plywood: How to Make the Right Choice

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Blockboard and plywood are two popular materials used for interiors. Many people get confused between the two materials but in reality, these are complimentary materials and not a substitute for one another. First thing first.

What are Block Board and Plywood?

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Blockboards are made of solid blocks of wooden battens sandwiched between thick wood veneer layers. Plywood contains layers or veneers of wood glued together. Both are combined using high pressure and temperature.

Blockboard is a Complementary Option for Plywood

There is confusion about which is better or more suitable – blockboard or plywood. Such confusion is common among not just laypeople but contractors and the design community.

Here’s the thing. You can use the two together, but you cannot replace one with the other.

Inside blockboards, there are gaps between the wooden battens which give it low weight bearing capacity and may break if things get stored on them. Plywood is stronger and without gaps makes it a better option for horizontal construction, such as when building cupboards or shelves.

So when does it make sense to choose blockboards?

Blockboards have a greater vertical load-bearing strength. Hence, they are a sensible choice for vertical construction projects and when there is a need to build vertical structures like cabinet shutters, panels, partition walls, and the sidewalls of long cupboards.

Use of Aluminium Framing for Plywood

Plywood contains alternating layers of wood veneer, which although gives it strength, creates tension at the corners when applied vertically. Therefore, over time, it can bend/warp in applications higher than 7 feet. And for this reason, most contractors then use aluminum framing to prevent bending and warping – adding further cost to your project.


Whether you want to select Blockboards, Plywood, or a combination of both depends on your contractor or the availability of good-grade Blockboards. In South and Western India, high-quality Blockboards are not readily available, and most contractors have found a way around this scarcity. Nonetheless, it is a compromise. Hence, for ideal construction, both Plywood and Blockboards must be used in conjunction.

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