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Advantages of Blockboard

blockboard room marvel
An architectural marvel made of blockboard

A block board is a compound wood board made of uniform strips of wood, placed end to end in adjacent columns. They are then sandwiched between two thick veneers of hardwood (usually) and finally glued under a tremendous amount of heat and pressure.

There are several advantages of this amazing product which has made it a reliable and time-tested weapon in the arsenal of designers and manufacturers

Some of the distinct advantages that can be had by sourcing them from quality Block Board Suppliers In India are enumerated as following:

  1. Lightweight: Block boards are very light in comparison to other engineered wood products that are manufactured using hardwood timber. The lower weight increases the longevity of furniture and doors as they exert less pressure on the hinges. Lightweight further contributes to ease of transport of large block boards or furniture made from it over long distances. Logistical costs are also quite less.
  2. Economical: block boards sourced from quality Block Board Suppliers are going to cost you much less than timber. As a consequence, block boards are the first choice in projects which require cost optimization without compromising on quality.
  3. Resists sagging and warping: block boards have the innate ability to resist sagging or bending. They are stiff and resist bending in the middle, unlike solid timber. This makes it ideal for use in making long bookshelves, tables, benches or wall cabinets.
  4. Resists borer and termite attacks: block boards are treated with special adhesives under extreme heat and pressure conditions which make it highly resistant to biological threats as well as resistant to chemicals.
  5. Uniformly stable and very strong: block boards are formed by placing almost uniform sized blocks of wood end to end in columns, thereby uniformly distributing the strength. Veneers are then pasted across the surface with glue under heat and pressure. This further reinforces the strength.
  6. Poor conductor of heat, sound, and electricity: This property increases the utility of block board and makes it a practical choice for many engineering applications. They are widely used for manufacturing doors, partition boards, switchboards, tables, shelves and wall panels.
  7. Easy to handle: This is a very important property of block board. It is easy to work with and it holds screws and nails quite well. It is dimensionally stable as a result of which it doesn’t bend. Loose grains also don’t come off when drilled.
  8. Easy to reclaim and reuse: block boards are easy to reclaim and reuse in other applications. That makes it one of the most environmentally safe wood products.
  9. Easy to work with underwater: block boards are easy to paint, work with, and preserve in saline water. Due to its unique structure, it doesn’t become pulpy or brittle under seawater.
  10. Available in many sizes and thickness categories: block boards are available in many sizes. It is often used in making furniture that is more than 6-7 feet long like wall panels, conference tables, etc. It also comes in many thicknesses. It is light. So it doesn’t pose a challenge in the transportation of huge boards.

Blockboard could be a very sensible choice for you if you want longevity for your product, convenience in making and a wide range of choices. All this is available at a very reasonable investment.

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