What are the reasons to choose plywood? Is there a chance you are one of the following- lumberjack, carpenter, engineered wood maker, furniture aficionado or simply a buyer looking for reliable information and still weighing your options?

If so, chances are that you must have participated in this long-drawn debate “Which is better- solid wood or plywood?” at least once. This is the pet topic of most wood enthusiasts. There may not be a clear answer available.

At the very outset, I must inform my readers that although wood intrinsically has many great qualities, after careful consideration of a number of factors, I have come to the conclusion that there are a number of reasons to choose plywood as it is a better choice than natural timber for most practical purposes.

An artistic plywood structure- Reasons to choose plywood

A beautiful plywood creation of art- One of the many reasons to choose plywood!

Reasons to choose plywood over wood:

  1. Strength– Wood is many times stronger along the grain than across it. As expected, the strength distribution cannot be controlled in natural wood. However, in the case of plywood, adjacent sheets are crossed which tend to distribute the strength equally in all directions. If veneer or some other decorative is attached to this cross-layered surface with strong adhesives, the strength of plywood becomes much more than solid wood.
  1. Light weight– Plywood is lighter than solid lumber. This makes it more suited to crafting different types of furniture. Its range of application is wider than conventional wood, the weight of which makes it unwieldy and unsuitable for use in many commercial applications.
  1. Non-splitting qualities– Although wood is tough, it has a tendency to split along the grain, under heavy strain. But plywood due to its cross-layered structure, can withstand a greater amount of strain and hence it can be nailed or screwed along the edges without damage.
  1. Large size– Plywood is generally available in larger sizes than natural wood. Standard plywood sheets come in the size of 8ftx4ft. But procuring one wooden plank or log of that size and making furniture out of it would be impractical because of logistical issues.

    Range of plywood-reasons to choose plywood

    The versatility of plywood- One of the many reasons to choose plywood!

  1. Creating curved surfaces– It is easier to make curved forms or structures with plywood than with wood. Chipping wood to make curved surfaces are never as smooth as that done with plywood. The edges are not uniform. But with plywood,you can give any desired shape. That makes plywood very versatile.
  1. Greater square foot coverage- Greater square foot coverage is achieved in plywood veneer than solid wood. It is because there is far lesser wastage in a single plank of plywood than that of wood. The entire ply can be used as there are no loose or uneven ends or voids, unlike in wood.

    Wastage in wood- Reasons to choose plywood

    There is a lot of wastage in wood due to cracks and voids at the time of sawing and chipping the rough edges. But plywood is different- One of the many reasons to choose plywood!

  1. Environmentally safe and reduces deforestation– One huge advantage of plywood is that it results in conservation of timber, as it requires a lesser quantity of log than in wood, which is completely solid. If harmful chemical based adhesives are not used, then plywood is a very Eco-friendly product. Don’t you think, it is one of the important reasons to choose plywood?
  1. Looks– Although natural wood surfaces are attractive, using decorative veneers or laminates on a plywood surface can accentuate the beauty of the product many times more, provided the decorative complements the original surface. The decorative effect is further enhanced by the symmetry of the design of the veneer.
  2. Cost Advantage– Now here comes the most important reason to choose plywood. It is far more economical and cost-effective than wood. Due to lighter weight, it is also easier to transport it and there is also less wastage as discussed above. Who wouldn’t want cost benefits? Plywood offers good value for money.

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If you are still a great lover of wood, absolutely no problem. But hopefully, I have given you enough reasons to choose plywood.

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