Be it home renovation or any new construction either for residential or commercial purposes, installing termite proof furniture has become a new trend for all property owners. Termites are well-known as unwanted guests that have been destroying furniture for centuries. They use so many channels to enter your property including soil particles, different holes in the structure, and dust.

Termite Proof Furniture

Termite proof furniture stays unaffected even when in close contact with soil

When infested in a huge amount, they can eat up and destroy your furniture just in a couple of days. And, if your house is on the outskirts, you will be welcoming them for sure. When they are in your structure, it will become a very tedious task to have control over them.

There are so many ways you can try to tackle the termites in your property, but all of them will burn a hole in your pocket and give you only a temporary solution.

So, the only way left is to install termite proof furniture.

Here are some incredible advantages of using Termite proof furniture

  1. Termite proof furniture can stay unaffected even when it is kept in close contact with soil
  1. Termite proof furniture offers quality, durability, and reliability almost for life as it is made from chemically treated high-quality plywood.
  1. There is no hassle of frequent maintenance or remaking as the furniture show no symptoms of deterioration just because some termites are around.
  1. You can save a lot in both time and money as the termite-free furniture needs no paint coating or frequent termite treatment.
  1. Any termite-proof piece of furniture carries zero moisture content which keeps your spaces properly ventilated and refreshing. You will have to install no dehumidifier to combat the moisture and vapor related issues.
  1. Termite free plywood comes with unrivaled qualities that are stuffed into it during the manufacturing itself so that it can prevent the entry of moisture resulting in a positive impact all around.


Construction material plays a pivotal role in getting the best termite proof furniture, and plywood is the most suitable choice to serve your purpose. Duro Ply is one of the leading high quality doors manufacturers and suppliers of termite-proof and flexible plywood for furniture in India.

All termite-proof variants of plywood produced by the company come with lifetime guarantee along with complete peace of mind for life. You can check out all the variants right here.