If you are in the market for buying new furniture for patio or just want to ensure a whole new look of outdoor space, then you must know what’s in and what’s out.


Go for furniture configurations which offer ease and convenience

Here’s a look at 6 hot patio furniture trends for 2018:

1. Mixed materials

This year, you are observing everywhere patio furniture that has mixed materials like metal and high quality plywood instead of any particular single material, such as wicker.

2. Large-sized dining tables

Gone are the days when small and bistro-style dining tables were in use on the deck and patio. Now is the time for large-sized dinning tables which can be constructed using the best quality plywood in India.

3. Add a daybed

Resting in bedroom or any other part of home is a common practice but you will experience an epitome of relaxation by lounging in a daybed on your patio or deck. Try to install a circular daybed, or as an alternative, you can go for a hanging daybed also.

4. Add a ceiling fan

If your deck or patio is covered, then make it stylish and contemporary by adding a small-blade high speed ceiling fan. It is a DIY job which you can perform within half an hour only. With this fan installed, you’ll feel comfortable even on the hottest days of the season.

5. Colorful cushions

When it comes to placing fabrics in your patio area, you just need to think bright and bold. Yellows, reds and pinks better pop against the alluring natural greenery. Also, don’t forget to prevent the cushions from going airborne, particularly on windy days.

6. Be particular about Spaciousness

Go for furniture configurations which offer ease and convenience of plenty of table space to rest sufficient snacks, drinks, and various other outdoor necessities. Customized stools and tables play a great role in patio area. You can get them constructed choosing high quality material sourced from the best plywood manufacturer in India such as brand ‘DURO’ by Sarda Plywood.