On an average, a person spends around 30 minutes every day in the bathroom – 15 minutes to serve hygienic purposes and another 15 minutes for utilizing the facilities out there. For some people, bathroom is just a source of serving definite purposes, but for a large number of other people, it acts as an extension of their individual design philosophy.

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A well-maintained bathroom acts as an extension of your individual design philosophy

But, whatever category of people you might belong to, a well-maintained bathroom can either increase or decrease the beauty of your home along with its overall value. Therefore, if you are keen on renovating your bathroom to translate your ideas into reality, then you must be very particular about a few things discussed here:

Space and Flow
At first, you might be overexcited about installing a new bathtub or toilet seat in your bathroom. But since there is an expansion plan on your mind in terms of the bathroom’s space, consider very carefully what goes where. Overlooking this important aspect might lead to a cluttered and cumbersome bathroom.

Selection of Colours
Every individual has his or her liking in terms of colours. This liking is reflected in the choices which they make in their exterior and interior decoration. In the renovation of bathrooms, some people choose to complement the same colour scheme as implemented in other parts of their homes. A few others opt for exactly the opposite, choosing the range of colours which are much bolder. The choice is completely individual. The most important aspect associated with the choice of colours is that it can be even a deal maker or breaker when you try to sell your home. So, be particular about what you are choosing.

Product and Fitting Selection
Products and fitting selection are one of the most important aspects in the renovation of a bathroom which can be achieved by using high quality plywood. Sarda Plywood is one such name that has been synonymous to high quality plywood in India for more than 6 decades.  You can explore the complete range of its products here on the same website.