effective design ideas for small retail spaces

Whether you already have a small retail shop or are planning to establish one, making the most of every inch of space available is not only necessary but also unavoidable. Those owning a small-sized retail space have their challenges to take on and expectations to fulfill. In this scenario, getting strategic in the design approach is what matters more than anything else.

Here are some low-cost design ideas through which you can make the most of the available space while showcasing your merchandizing-

1. Use bold color to paint at least one of the walls

Colors produce a magical effect, be it a small shop or any other commercial or domestic space. Paint at least one wall making use of a bold color that you like. Bold colors are well-known not only for spicing up the spaces but also for creating an illusion of space by making the objects more distant. On another wall, you can put a beautiful wallpaper to flaunt the same effect. These are the most affordable and effective ways to make your retail space eye-catching.

2. Open bookcases act as the best dividers

Perfect sectioning of areas offers a big challenge as small retail shop owners always run short on space. To combat the challenge, you can go for open bookcases that will act not only as aesthetically pleasing dividers but also be a clever medium to showcase your products.

Open bookcases when custom-made using high-quality plywood produced by the best plywood supplier in India offer unmatched flexibility as well as an airy feel while enabling you to change even the layout as per your requirement. Plywood for walls is recommended for false ceilings if you have some space vertically.

3. Illuminate your space in different ways

Even though lighting plays a crucial role in all commercial spaces, it matters more when space is at a premium, for example – in a small retail shop. You need to illuminate each corner of your shop very brightly. A unique combination of lamps, picture lights, and sconces can work wonders while adding flair and variety with each corner perfectly illuminated.