Spending quality time in a garden or a patio gives pleasure beyond compare in every season. Be it socializing, eating or simply lounging, the garden is the most preferred area. This is the area of the home that not only adds quality to your life but also becomes a witness to various unforgettable moments.

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Proper and timely care of outdoor furniture is unavoidably necessary

Therefore, taking proper and timely care of the furniture placed in this area is unavoidably necessary so that you can continue having fun and frolic for many years to come.


This post brings to you some easy and quick tips to better protect your outdoor furniture:

  1. Clean and wipe each and every piece of furniture regularly while keeping them dry in all the seasons. As the exposure to direct sun and wind can have a very damaging effect on your outdoor furniture, you should keep it covered when not in use. However, if you have got customized furniture made from the best quality waterproof plywood in India, your furniture will remain unaffected for sure.
  1. After a satisfactory cleaning, the best method to safeguard its finish is to apply some high-quality soft paste made of wax. However, if you have veneered covered furniture in your garden, you can skip avoiding doing that. There are top veneer brands in India that offer a comprehensive variety of veneers to meet all your décor needs.
  1. In case you have furniture made from conventional wood, just avoid placing it near heat sources or vents. The wood cannot bear this type of dry heat and will start shrinking. However, there are some plywood variants which can stay unaffected from any source of dry heat or vent.
  1. For furniture made of wood, it is necessary for you to apply a linseed oil-based solution or other such solution for keeping the colors of furniture in its original form for a long time. It will preserve the wood against different types of micro-organisms. However, high-quality plywood for furniture in India comes treated to combat all these challenges.
  1. To be worry-free for life from all the hassles related to outdoor furniture care, plywood is considered to be an outstanding choice. Plywood comes with THT (Triple Heat Treatment), PFS True-Glue Bonding, Gapless Construction and incredible Termite Treatment that make it the best construction material for outdoor furniture. Thus, you can leave your outdoor furniture outside with no worry at all. Over time, no termite can destroy it, and nothing can change its colors too.

Plywood produced by Duroply Industries Limited can withstand years of unfavorable weather conditions with almost no need for any maintenance. You can explore such a wonderful range of various plywood variants right here.