Are the furniture and decorative pieces adorning the rooms of your home or office made of plywood, medium density fibreboard (MDF) or particle board? Do you think that the look is dull or monotonous and the finish is imperfect? Then you can always give a plush or classy look to your furniture using wood veneer. Today it is one of the most popular and effective decorative laminates available.

Veneers have multiple advantages and uses. But the most common form of veneer is commercial face veneer or decorative veneer, which can give any surface a perfect finish and look.

Let me list a few advantages of decorative veneer for your benefit. You can even instruct your building contractor or furniture maker to use veneers to give the room or furniture a luxurious look and a rich feel.

Plush Look

Natural wood or plywood surfaces are not very smooth. But if you want your furniture to look glossy and regal, veneer could be the answer to your problem. The number of designs and colours available in veneer is large. You can experiment a lot by mixing and matching veneer with the natural surface. It makes your furniture alive.


Veneer adds to the quality of the finished product. The quality of finish or look as well as the durability increases. The finest quality logs are sent to the companies that produce veneer. That is also one reason why the quality is so good.


When veneer is applied to a surface, it increases the strength of the product. As veneer is formed by gluing thin layers of wood with adhesives, it is a lot more resistant to splitting and warping. This, in turn, increases the life of the furniture or other architectural structures.

Better utilization of wood

Veneers are thin sheets of wood formed by peeling, slicing or sawing a lumber or a log. The thickness of a standard veneer could be as small as 0.6 mm whereas the thickness of solid wood cut from a tree log is usually not less than 3 cm. So this reduces wastage of wood from the log i.e. the use of wood in case of veneer is far more economical.


Each veneer sheet is unique. So there is little chance of repetition as no two trees in the world are identical. The range of choice is truly mind boggling.


Wood veneers are generally non-toxic. There are some adhesives and substrates that do not use formaldehyde base, which may have harmful effects on the health. If such a glue is used to stick the thin layers of wooden sheets to form veneers, it will be absolutely medically and environmentally safe.


Today due to the effects of deforestation, a lot of fine and exotic woods are becoming increasingly rare. Making furniture out of the finest quality wood is a fancy that a lot of buyers cultivate but due to lack of availability as well as cost, they back out.

But veneers due to their economical use of log are more readily available and can give almost a similar effect.


Using wood veneers is easier than natural wood or plywood in some projects. Making curved surfaces with veneers is easy. Wood veneers can be used to create some wonderful unique designs also.

Wood veneers are an inseparable part of the furniture crafting industry today. After going through this blog post, I am sure you can realize the kind of advantages that veneer has. Have you already started calculating the amount of dividend that you can reap by turning to veneer? Are you already feeling excited?

Then wait, till you actually see the range of choice that Sarda Plywood provides in the category of premium veneers. Check out our veneers which are hand selected from forests around the world. We currently offer over 250 species in a number of different finishes and designs. Our veneers also conform to BWP grade as per IS:1328 (1996). Sarda Plywood offers A++ grade veneers with a minimum thickness of 0.55 mm, which is considered to be synonymous with luxury.

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