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Why Investing in Fire Resistant Plywood Makes Sense?

Plywood has long been a preferred choice of material among furniture manufacturers, architects and interior designers alike. Given its versatile and flexible nature, the plywood gets used in all kinds of construction work related to wood and this brings us to the need for fire-resistant plywood.

Simply put, fire-resistant plywood is plywood that has been treated with certain fire-retardant chemicals during the manufacturing process to make them safer and resistant to fires. Such chemically-treated, fire-resistant and fire-proof plywood is a wise material choice in locations where there is a greater risk of fire outbreaks. As they say, better safe than sorry and fire-resistant plywood is a move in this direction.

In this article, we will look at the top reasons why you should invest in fire-resistant plywood for your residential or commercial projects –

1. Safety First

We all know that a fire outbreak can lead to widespread damage and have long-term catastrophic effects on human life and property. That’s why it is crucial to plan and take all necessary precautions to avoid damage caused due to fire. Fire-retardant plywood is a step in this direction, especially in places where the risk of catching fire is high. Chemically treated, fire-resistant, low-flammability plywood is a smart investment towards our safety and our future.

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2. Dual Protection

When you purchase high-grade fire-resistant plywood, you automatically receive the benefits of water and moisture resistance too. So FR plywood becomes beneficial while working on projects where protection from changing weather conditions is crucial. No wonder, fire, water and boiling water proof plywood are in great demand at offices, malls, restaurants, kitchen cabinets and bathrooms, etc.

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3. Damage Control

The biggest danger of a fire outbreak is the quickness with which the flames spread and cause catastrophe. Thankfully, even if a piece of wooden furniture with fire-resistant plywood were to catch fire, the fire-retardant component of the plywood will delay the spread of the fire, which is a huge blessing. Fire-resistant plywood reduces the degree of damage which would otherwise be impossible if the plywood wasn’t fire-proof.

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Say Hello to Duro Derby

Duro Derby is a high-grade fire-resistant and waterproof plywood by Duroply. It provides double protection to your home and gets installed at kitchens, malls and other fire-prone areas.


If you want to protect your home, office and commercial establishments from the perils of fire, do consider investing in fireproof plywood for your furniture, etc. Since such chemically-treated, fire-retardant and low-flammability plywood delays the volatility of fire, it provides additional time for individuals stuck in an accident to save their lives.

To know more about Duro Derby and its numerous features and benefits, contact the team of Duroply today!