At the very outset, it would be good to define the word ‘Veneer’. A veneer is nothing but an ultra-thin sheet of natural wood which is heavily utilized the world over to cover the surface of almost all types of furniture. Veneers are made to offer an extremely beautiful look and feel to furniture at a very moderate cost.

decorative veneer for furniture
DURO Nature’s Signature offers India’s largest range of premium decorative veneers

Duro Nature’s Signature – India’s largest range of premium veneers

Duro Ply, previously known as Sarda Plywood Industries Limited (SPIL) under the brand name DURO Nature’s Signature offers India’s largest range of high-quality decorative veneer for furniture that comes with 100% lifetime warranty.

270+ species of premium veneers on display

The company showcases these veneers in its state-of-the-art showroom located in the heart of the national capital. Hand selecting from forests the world over, the company being one of the largest natural veneer manufacturers in India, currently has 270+ species of premium veneers (A++ grade with a minimum thickness of 0.55mm) in a comprehensive variety of distinct finishes.

A dedicated team of experts at the showroom

Once the individuals or even professional interior designers step in the showroom ofDURO Nature’s Signature, they simply get spoilt for choice. Making this easier for all, the company has deployed a team of experts who-

  • Make them understand words and phrases (specific terminology) which are specific to the veneer industry only.
  • Shed light on variation in texture, and figure
  • Assist in perfect matching
  • Guide about high visibility areas
  • Explain about the right kind of adhesive and application methodology

The products range on offer:

  • Aura- sourced from global leaders such as Mehring & Wiesmann
  • Architectural Grade- An ultra lavish with an architectural style
  • The collector’s edition- the rarest variant among veneers
  • Fumed- well known for sophistication with high value
  • Landscape collection- a new expression of originality
  • Shuffle Mix ‘n’ Match- a unique range made using the pioneering technique
  • Elite Range- A++ grade, well known for inimitability and exclusivity
  • Flex- well known for unmatched flexibility 

For more comprehensive experience, you can explore the DURO Nature’s Signature veneers section right here on this website.