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Smart Plywood Buying Guide Demystifies Wood & Plywood Concerns

Every house deserves good quality plywood and woodwork that lasts forever. However, finding the right plywood isn’t easy or straightforward as many factors must be considered. That’s why, to choose the correct plywood and blockboards for your interiors and home’s woodwork, always trust the experts.

In this article, we will share some key takeaways to make good plywood buying decisions, courtesy the ‘Smart Plywood Buying Guide’ by India’s leading Plywood expert, Mr Akhilesh Chitlangia.

Wood: The Wonder Material

Wood is a durable and sustainable material compared to cement, concrete and steel. It provides 5X more insulation than concrete and 350X more insulation than steel. To grow more wood, no harmful chemicals are required and many varieties of wood are naturally termite resistant. So it is not surprising that wood is the best choice for your interiors.

Add Decades Of Durability To Your Woodwork

When we look at the different eco-friendly wood options for your home’s long-lasting woodwork, the material that stands out is PLYWOOD. Whether it is the doors and windows, the paneling and shelves, the study table for your kids, beds in the house, or other places where woodwork is required, plywood is an excellent pick.

It is like a multi-layered sandwich. Sheets of wood veneer are arranged, 90° to each other, and then compressed and bonded under heat and pressure using a resin. This 90° arrangement makes them many times stronger than the actual, inherent strength of the wood.

Blockboards are best for vertical applications such as wall panelling and cupboard shutters.

How To Buy The Right Quality Plywood

How To Buy The Right Quality Plywood

Once your home or office woodwork is complete, you are stuck with it for years. That’s why it is crucial to purchase the most appropriate plywood from the get go.

Almost 80% of the plywood market is unorganised, selling cheap plywood that may swell, break or become termite-infested within a year. Then there is high-quality plywood coming from the remaining 20% organised market.

Better quality means durability. High-quality plywood is water-resistant, termite-resistant and has stronger nail-holding capacities with after-sales support.

Branded plywood is sturdier and more versatile. They are available in different textures, strengths and quality and come with Quality Assurance Certificates.

Quality plywood is ecologically and environmentally friendly, and a sensible investment for those who want to make their interiors a safe and loving space where their loved ones can build lifelong memories.

Closing Thoughts

When choosing and purchasing the ideal Plywood and Blockboard for your home or office, remember to go through the terms and conditions, guarantee and warranty provided by the seller, especially with regards to termite infestation. A little forward thinking on your part can do wonders to your plywood buying experience.

So what varieties and grades of plywood are best for your projects and how to choose the right one?

All these questions are answered in one-of-its-kind ‘Smart Plywood Buying Guide’ by India’s leading plywood expert Akhilesh Chitlangia.

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