Natural veneers are highly attractive in appearance and the most popular material utilized particularly for the interiors of homes, offices, aircrafts and various other big business establishments. The principal purpose of using these veneers is to add grace, elegance and natural beauty to everything right from the pieces of furniture to musical instruments.

Natural Veneers

Only natural veneers can offer a more taste-specific aesthetics

Natural veneers are sliced from logs that are determined and impacted by a particular tree’s reaction to its geographic location, soil composition and various other growing conditions.

The markings and intrinsic patterns in natural veneers aren’t modified or enhanced in any way, and this makes them truly a work of art.

One of the most striking facts associated with natural veneers, which may come to you as a surprise, is that they are unique and no two trees even belonging to the same species will have exactly alike patterns in their wood. On the other hand, engineered veneers are manufactured and man-made, so the designing outcomes can easily be mass produced.

The Characteristics of         

  • DURO offers India’s largest range of premium natural veneers that come with 100% lifetime guarantee
  • These supreme quality veneers are hand-picked from forests around the globe, and currently DURO offers more than 270 species in a large number of different finishes.
  • These veneers are triple heat treated with a view to get the finest sanitized end product with controlled resin
  • They show no symptoms of warping, cracking or de-lamination
  • Corrugation free smooth surface and strong bonding for longer life
  • Complete freedom from borers, white ants, fungi etc.
  • Thickness of 0.55 mm to make sure there is no de-lamination or sanding off during polishing

Natural veneers are actually made of authentic hardwood and composed to receive applications such as painting and staining. Users typically go for this option of natural veneers than large wood pieces because natural veneers offer a more taste-specific aesthetic.

High quality natural wood veneers from DURO have always been the most preferred choice amongst professional interior designers and artisans. While sourcing your natural veneers, just believe in a company that is committed to adhering to the good quality, sustainability and reforestation practices.