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6 Reasons Why Wood Is a Great Choice For Your Interior Décor

When planning your home’s décor, it is crucial to make the right material choices as those will define the look and feel of your interiors. Hardwoods are a preferred material for decorative purposes as they come in varied looks.

Interestingly, no two pieces of hardwood will look entirely similar despite belonging to the same species and that’s what makes hardwood a favorable choice for designing your interiors.

Here are six factors that add to the aesthetics and charm of wood as a preferred material for your home or interior décor projects –

1. Sustainable Gift of Nature

Wood is a renewable material that can be recycled and reused. It is acquired from trees and is one of the purest materials available to humans. For those who appreciate natural materials, there can be nothing better than choosing wood for your home interiors. Wood is also great for retaining heat.

2. Varied Hues

When you choose wood for your interior décor, you get access to myriad hues and colour tones for adding the perfect look to your interiors. Every piece of wood can have a different tonality that it draws from the soil and these hues take on a different dimension after exposed to air. So, there is no end to what you can achieve with decorative wood.

3. Exceptionally Durable

Wood is one of the most durable materials. So, it is not surprising that furniture items like wooden tables, storage boxes and cabinets get passed down through generations.

4. Wood Grains

Pieces of wood are made of fibers, and they show up in a pattern that adds to their beauty. The grains and patterns are specific to each piece of wood depending on the way the wood is sawed. Some of the popular grain types include straight, curly, flat, and irregular, etc., and all these contribute to the final look, feel and aesthetics of your interiors and its décor.

5. Wood Figure

Factors like wood grain, markings on side-grain surfaces, colour, texture, luster, and other characteristics contribute to a wood’s figure. Some popular types of wood figure include bird’s eye, feather, curly, plum pudding, flower grain, ripple, swirl, quilted, crotch, and more. These patterns lend a unique look and appearance to a piece of wood and add to its visual appeal.

6. Ability to be Reconstructed

The great thing about using wood for your interior décor is that wooden décor is modifiable and versatile. For example, if you have a study table in your home, you can alter its look and feel in various ways. Simply paint over it or throw a layer of different finish, choose from straight lines to curvy designs — the options are unlimited. Wooden décor always understands the assignment and brings out the best in interior design.

Closing Thoughts

Picking wood as the preferred material for your home’s interior décor or client projects goes a long way in achieving beautiful aesthetics. The varying characteristics of natural decorative wood add their special flavour to all interiors and give you a wide range of choices to play with.

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